Hawaii Experience - 09/21 thru 09/24/06

Sept 21 - 6:20 AM Almost everyone was at Lynbrook (not awake but ready to go). By 6:33 we were on the road. Alot of waiting in lines (sometimes the wrong line) but we all got thru security (some of us twice). Seems MayC forgot about the new rule concerning liquids - so, out we went to check her backpack and thru security we go again (fun stuff). We get to Hawaii by 11:00, our rental car by 12:30 and to the hotel and checked in by 2:00. Off on a 4 mile run by 3:00 - more on that in a bit. Nice 4 miler and strides in Kapiolani Park. A nice dinner on the beach at Dukes (with a waitress that runs the Honolulu Marathon). As one might guess, lots of photos taken (and goofing off photos taken) under the palm trees while eating on the beach. Then some shopping at the International Market Place, we call it a night with everyone back by 9:30. Sept 22 The next day we hit the roads at 7:45 with a 4 mile run around Diamond Head (part of the Honolulu Marathon course) while taking in the sights. We start to notice other teams in the area as well. Then a day at the beach. Surfing, playing in the sand and general "hang loose'n". Then the Pasta Feed at Iolani School that night where me met the local teams, learned how to Hula Dance (coaches too) and got to listen to guest speaker Alan Webb. Afterwards we went to the beach for a Team Building experience - charades on the beach, and even some passerbys would shout in their guesses. More time on the Blvd and just missed a chance at glow in the dark, 3-D, Miniture Golf. Back in by 11:00. Sept 23 - RACE DAY! The morning was wide open so some watched a beach volleyball tournament while others shopped and did homework. Then it was time to go... and the van was dead. We sent the girls on ahead (since they raced first) and after a stressful 45 of waiting, Hertz finally got the batterey recharged and we were on the road as well seeing a totally different side of the island from Waikiki. Their road laws are much more lax then California as well. We arrived 15 minutes before the girls ran which meant a 45 minute warmup for the guys. And now the races... GIRLS A different course (flatter) from 3 years ago still was a tough, hot one. MayC continued to lead the charge for the Vikes with Cindy in pursuit. Anna always our strong third and then it was pack running with Shirley, Helen & Lauren. Julia rounded out the team. Justine Fedronic (Carlmont) ended up the eventual winner by about 180 yards even though she didn't take the lead until after the mile. MayC went out in about 35th and Cindy was 10-15 spots behind her. When it came to the last 400 MayC had moved up to 27th, Cindy stayed about the same but the real surprise was our 3-6 girls all finished within 10 seconds of each other. GUYS With 150 guys in the race, it got to be crowded after the first half mile. Luca & Gene went out conservativly in around 30th place. Jason, Andrew & Michael also ran together at the start. Eric & Vashisht traded positions for the first 2.25 miles of this 5K. The Carlmont boys showed tremendous strength by going 1-2 then (I think) 4-6-8 and when you take out the individuals, finished with a team low of 18 points. Luca & Gene kept moving thru the field and with at 800 to go were in 10th & 11th (Top 10 medal). Luca was able to move up one spot while Gene remained at 11th place. Andrew led Jason most of the race until the last 400 where Wang used his speed to grab 3rd Vike. Michael finished as that all important 5th man in around 40th. Eric caught 8 guys in the last 800 while Vashisht found the last .75 miles tough. To everyones surprise, the Vikes placed 2nd team with 118 points beating a team from Virginia (132 pts). Everyone felt much better when that news was announced. AFTER THE RACE Sunset Beach (home of Pipeline) is where we set out to next. We swam in the water and played until the sun set (and then kept swimming). A beautiful sunset greated us and then we found that we were HUNGRY. Off to Breakers for a dinner with SLOOOOOOW service and cold food. Ended up getting 3 free meals and drinks because things were so messed up. Then a trip wouldn't be complete if both vans didn't get lost in the night trying to get back to the hotel (thank goodness you can go in the wrong direction for too long since you're on an island). In bed by midnight and ready for our last day with snorkling. Sept 24 A couple of kids got up early, not to run but to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately they didn't realize that Waikiki is south/west so instead of seeing the sunrise over the ocean they saw it over Diamond Head. Then off to Hanuama Bay for a couple of hours of snorkling. We didn't see any turtles but there were lots of colorful fish and some crazy folks out of the water as well. Once we got our sunin' done as well, we headed back to the hotel to shower (16 folks in one room takes 1.75 hours for all the showers), Round Table Pizza for dinner and then off to the airport by 6:30 for the 8:30 pm flight. We all rolled into SFO at 4:40am so.... nite-nite.