Lynbrook HS - Cross Country

2007 Awards

Iron People / Scholar Athletes / MVP / MI Athletes / Seniors Iron Women/Men (# of years) : To qualify, you must run at ALL meets (excluding Stanford) and have no missed practices (Excused, Unexcused or holidays), or the best attendance. Those who met the above guidelines are: - Kirk Akimoto (2) - Alvin Chang - Andrew Hsiu (2) - Cindy Huang - Willy Huang - Joy Jeng - Vashisht Madabhushi - Luca Signore - Vivek Singh - Amrit Subramanian - Brianna Tucker (2) - Iris Yuan - Michael Yuen (2) - Jonathan Zhang SA's : - Aakriti Jain JVG - Jamie Ngo JVG - Linnea Pierson JVG - Anna Sadovnikova (2) JVG - Nishi Waghray JVG - Prajesh Hardas FS - Lauren Comisar (4) VG - Cindy Ju (2) VG - Archit Sheth-Shah (2) VB - Eric Surprenant VB - Vashisht Madabhushi VB * JVG MI (Nishi Waghray) - Fourth year running Cross-Country. - Started off with a bang setting PR's in her first three races. - PR'd again at Artichoke and finished with a season best on Crystal at Leagues. - Improved 2:31 on Crystal this year. * JVG MVP (Jamie Ngo) - Second year running Cross-Country. - Was our #8-11 runner at the start but finished as #7 the last five races. - Was All-League at Leagues. - Switched from tennis to XC based on a suggestion by her sister. - Last year she was our Most Improved and this year she's our MVP. * F/S MI (Alvin Chang) - First year running Cross-Country. - Improved :44 on Lynbrook course. - Improved :43 on Crystal course. - Has the #26 Frosh time on Crystal. - He PR'd in the only two races that he could (Lynbrook & Crystal). - Was All-League at Leagues and had the #4 Lynbrook time that day. * F/S MVP (Willy Huang) - First year running Cross-Country. - Was #1 ranked F/S all season long. - PR'd at the Lynbrook Invite and was looking for the same at Leagues (and then sickness struck). * VG MI (Chianna Wang) - First year running Cross-Country. - Has the #3 Soph time on the Lynbrook course. - Improved 1:34 on the Lynbrook course. - Has the #12 AT and #4 Soph time on Crystal course. - Improved 1:03 on Crystal course. - Started as our #7 girl and finished #3 in the last 7 races. - Has an infectious laugh. * VG MVP (Cindy Huang) - First year running Cross-Country - Has the School Record on the Lynbrook course. - Is #4 All-Time and #2 Frosh on Crystal course. - Has a unique sense of direction. - Finished as #1 runner for Lynbrook in every meet except Saratoga & CCS. * VB MI (AJ Flint) - Third year running Cross-Country. - Has the # 7 Soph time on Lynbrook course. - Improved :43 seconds on Lynbrook. - Has the #77 AT and #44 Soph time on Crystal course. - Improved :17 seconds on Crystal. - Started season as our #6/7 man and improved to #3 at Leagues. - He PR'd every time he raced this year. * VB MVP (Luca Signore) - Second year running Cross-Country (Varsity both years). - Has the #2 All-time on Lynbrook course. - Has the #21 All-Time and #6 Soph time on Crystal course. - Finished as the #1 man in every race he finished. - Injury struck at Leagues - a most unfortunate occurance. * Coaches Award (Eric Surprenant) - Second year running XC being primarily a soccer player. - Wanted to improve in track so came out for XC. - Polite, tall and smiley is how I would describe him. - Made a major impact on the team from day 1 as a Varsity runner both years. - Has continued to develope into a strong XC runner, not just a great hurdler. - Plans to continue to compete in college (only about 1% of HS athletes continue on). - Looking forward to his leadership come spring for track. Graduating Seniors receiving their SENIOR BOOK (We will MISS all of them) : Lauren Comisar (4 yrs) Cindy Ju (4 yrs) Ryan Kuo (4 yrs) Michael Nguyen Dhruv Patel (4 yrs) Vashisht Madabhushi (4 yrs) Tom Shen Eric Surprenant Justin Wang Nishi Waghray (4 yrs) Waison Wong (4 yrs)