Hello SCVAL AD's and Happy Holidays to All of You, Info from today's Board of Managers Starting today, all music played at all athletic contests at SCVAL schools may not contain lyrics. See your administrator to see how it applies to your cheer squads. Passed Today: Water Polo: 1) All divisions, boys and girls, will play a double round robin in league 2) All teams limited to 3 tournaments 3) If CCS playoffs take place, only the automatic qualifiers will be allowed to go from both divisions 3-DA & 1-EC 4) The SCVAL supports the suspension of CCS water polo playoffs 5) The water polo schedules need to be revised to reflect changes. Cross Country: 1) 3 divisions for league finals only FS, JV, & varsity Football: 1) Start times for FS football will be at 5:00 for all evening games. (if varsity games are still not starting by 7:30, next year start times will be earlier) 2) The El Camino schedule needs to be revised do to major facility conflicts. (The De Anza is okay) Tennis: 1) 8 teams in the De Anza and 6 in the El Camino 2) Teams must still have uniforms by the first match. No grace period. I'll e-mail out the approved schedules as soon as I can. Thanks, Jeff Lamb Milpitas HS