Update #3 - 2009

Hello Fellow Runners Hope your summer is going good and hope you are starting to get back into shape. Come run with us. M-Sat at 9:00 Coach Jake is meeting at Rainbow Park. M & W at 5:30pm I'm at Rainbow Park as well. Some folks are also going to the LG All-Comer meets on Thur at 6:00pm to mix it up. Or if you want to run with folks in the Hills, Mt View HS meets at Rancho M-Th at 6:00 and run anywhere from 3-9 miles. They get 40-45 folks out every day so you'll for sure find someone to run with. HAWAII UPDATE You must go to the link: http://www.dyestatcal.com/ATHLETICS/XC/2009/iolani.htm to see who has shown an interest in going and the forms that need to be filled out. It's not too late to sign up. Just send me your name & birthday and fill out the forms below and get them back to me by Aug 10th. Those that have shown at interest also need to fill these forms out by Aug 10th and either scan and email to me, drop them off on one of the M/W evening runs or snail mail to me. The 3 forms are: http://www.dyestatcal.com/ATHLETICS/XC/2009/PICS/rel_form.pdf http://www.dyestatcal.com/ATHLETICS/XC/2009/PICS/houserul.pdf http://www.dyestatcal.com/ATHLETICS/XC/2009/PICS/ltrofres.pdf Check out the whole Iolani Info page so you can see what our plans are for those 4 days (Sept 17-20). FELTON RUNNING CAMP We are going to have a summer running camp. It will take place July 27 thru 31, that痴 a Monday to Friday. The location is Henry Cowell State Park in Felton. We are going to stay more local so people can come for a few days or stay for the entire camp. Planning a day at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk a lot of folks will probably come for that. MONDAY-Leave Lynbrook at 10 am and drive to Felton about 90 minutes away. We will run at Felton , I知 checking out sites. Have some lunch and check into the campground at 2 pm and setup. Use the rest of the day to explore, hike etc. TUESDAY-Run from the camp site or drive somewhere close to run 4 to 8 miles. Later in the afternoon another short run . Evening games or whatever people want to do. WEDNESDAY-Beach run which will be along the Wilder coastal trail and up into Wilder Ranch State Park. We will run 5 to 10 miles, the length of the run up to the runner. We値l have lunch and hang out for awhile then back to camp THURSDAY 妨e will run in the am, eat and hang out. Then in the afternoon we will go to Santa Cruz Boardwalk and spend the day. Head back to camp around 8 pm. You値l need to bring money for rides etc. FRIDAY-we will again take a good bye morning run. We need to check out of the camp site by 12 noon. But we can do something in town for awhile or simply head home. Again it is only 90 minutes away. NOTES TO CAMPERS You need to do some summer running prior to going to camp. Remember it is a running camp. We have 3 camp sites that can take 8 per site 24 total. I知 sure we値l have open slots for those who may want to come for a day or two. If you think you want to go let us know so we can start planning. Last year we only had guys, we would love to have girls come also. This is where a parent volunteer would be helpful. Hank and I can take 13 but will need additional cars (and hopefully parent volunteers, who would not have to pay any fees) to drive and chaperone The cost will be $100 for the entire camp or $25 per day for those who only stay a day or two. The cost will cover campsite, food, firewood and whatever. Again you値l want to have some money for the Boardwalk and maybe for some things you may want to do in town. We need to get an idea of how many people want to go to camp now so that we can start making plans. So, if you plan on going to camp, email me back so I can put you on our list. Talk with your folks and make your decision now, camp is less than a month away. hank & Jake