2003 2006 2009

Hawaii Experience - 09/17 thru 09/20/09

Hawaii Picture Album (updated 9/17 @ 8:30pm, Hawaii time Sept 17 - 6:20 AM "Are we there yet?" Too early for Jason, he forgot his bag so dad got it before we left at 6:30. Kristen snags the ladies ribbons at the last moment (thanks dads). Hanging at the airport, waiting to board. Greated by a Hawaiian Tradition. After a quick lunch we then head out for the afternoon run (5.5 miles). Down to Kapiolani Park and around while the coaches keep up on their own mode of transportation. The first group shot of the weekend. Off to Duke's on the beach for some dinner and the sunset. Sept 18 - 7:45 AM Head out for a run UP to the 2.5 mile mark of the Honolulu Marathon. A quick breakfast at Denny's and then off to the beach for some serious homework. :) Then Alvin gets a sea urchin on his foot so I go in for a little foot surgery. Pasta Feed at Iolani HS, a private school that serves K-12 with about 900 in the 9-12 grades. A wonderfull campus to say the least. About 50-60 kids danced the hula for us from this "smallish" school. Their XC team is about 120 strong - whew. We then got our chance to show our stuff. Finished off the evening getting everyone into a team picture and playing charades on the beach (after the fireworks of course). Race Time Tomorrow! Sept 19 - 8:00 AM The day starts off without a hitch, no run down car battery this time. CCS team Kings Academy also made the trip. Started with the Varsity Boys and it was quite a race. Luca does a strong push the second time up the hill and breaks away from the competition. He finishes with a 14:28 win. Amrit grabs 6th, Andrew 8th, Varun 15th and Jason 17th to finish off the scoreing. When all is said and done, Lynbrook takes second by a mere 1 point. The girls take off and Cindy is the top Lynbrook finisher in 6th place. Dana Hills wins handily with 4 in the Top 10. An unexpected 3rd place finish and a plaque for the Lady Vikes. Not to be outdone, the coaches race was next and both Hank and Jake finished without too much difficulty (although Hank did take a fall on the down hill for he hasn't quite learned how to race with his size 14 shoes yet). Sunset beach was our next stop with sunscreen and lots of water for the next 3 1/2 hours (just look at the pix). Sept 20 - 9:30 AM