Ryan & Sara Hall radio interview - 2009

11/21 Mt View HS, room 410: right behind the library, which is one of the bigger buildings on campus. The classrooms are arranged in rows, so if you find the 200 row, just go over 2 rows and you will be in the 400 row. The address is 3535 Truman Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040. Time is 5:00-6:00pm The room holds 48 folks, to reserve a seat contact Carl Guardino at: cguardino@svlg.net 11/20 Looks like it will be on the Wed before Thanksgiving at Mt View HS. Time & Room TBD. 11/18 This is an email I got and wanted to give everyone a heads-up in case you might be interested. As I get more info (something official is supposed to be coming), I will post. hank "The purpose of this email is to let you know that Sara and Ryan Hall will be joining us for this year's pro race. Sara is racing, and Ryan is rooting her on. The best part, however, is that we are going to do a live radio talk show interview with both Sara and Ryan on either next Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon at 4pm, location to be determined. To motivate as many cross country and track runners as possible, we are hoping to invite high school cross country coaches and their teams to be our "audience" for the radio show taping. The "audience" will actually be "participants" as half of the hour-long show will be questions from the audience to Ryan and Sara."