Sponsored by RADAR TS 2010 All NorCal High School XC Teams - Boys & Girls

All Nor-Cal History

The NorCal Committee would like to thank RADAR Timing Service for sponsoring the 2010 All-NorCal High School Cross-Country Team certificates. We appreciate their support of our sport throughout the season. Anyone on any of the lists below is eligible for a Recognition Certificate from the committee provided they send us their mailing address.

In the instances where there were ties in the voting, we selected all tied athletes for that honor.
Athletes are not listed in final ranking order but in alpha order with a few exceptions.
If you seeing any spelling errors or other corrections, please email them to Hank Lawson.
Committee Members - please have your votes in to me (Facilitator) by Dec 21st.

Tracked Athletes in NorCal (Section & State marks).

Committee Members:  (E-Mail all Committee Members)

Walt VanZant (CCS)             Tom Cushman (NS)         Scott Fairley (NS)          
Andy Leong (SF)                George Paddeck (SJS)     Peter Brewer (NCS)
Keith Conning (staff writer)   Albert Caruana (CCS/NCS) Hank Lawson (Facilitator)

Coaches/Athletes:  Please email me, click here, your US Mail address so I can send the
certficate(s) to you.  They should be mailed by Jan 14th.  Thanks.  Hank Lawson

Runner of the Year and Grade Athletes of the Year

All-NorCal Team: Daniel Milechman, Tamalpais (Runner & Senior); Luis Luna, Piner (Junior); Johannas Estifanos, Milpitas (Soph); Aidan Goltra, Las Lomas (Frosh).
Kelsey Santisteban, Castro Valley (Senior); Carrie Verdon, Campolindo (Runner & Junior); Vanessa Fraser, Scotts Valley (Soph); Clare Carroll, Granite Bay (Frosh).

Section Bests

Daniel Milechman, Tamalpais (NCS); Domenic D'Acquisto, Enterprise (NS); Chris Kigar, El Camino (SJS); Parker Schuh, Mtn View (CCS); Cameron Trinh, Skyline (Oakland); Patrick Gray, Lincoln (SF).
Carrie Verdon, Campolindo (NCS); Kody Atkins, Chico (NS); Clare Carroll, Granite Bay (SJS); Jessie Petersen, Carlmont (CCS); Jessica Kong, Oakland (Oakland); Isabella Bowden, Balboa (SF).


1, %,+,SB D4 Daniel Milechman Tamalpais 12 NCS 1, SB D3 Domenic D'Acquisto Enterprise 12 NS 1, SB D2 Chris Kigar El Camino HS 12 SJS 1, SB D2 Parker Schuh Mountain View 12 CCS 1 D1 Jeff Bickert College Park 12 NCS 1 D2 Will Geiken Los Gatos 12 CCS 1 D1 Trevor Halsted Davis HS 12 SJS 2,++ D3 Luis Luna Piner 11 NCS 2 D1 Kevin Bishop Monta Vista 11 CCS 2 D3 Thomas Joyce Campolindo 11 NCS 2 D1 Anthony Ortolan College Park 12 NCS 2 D2 Robert Pflasterer Del Campo HS 12 SJS 2 D2 Riley Ruppenthal Ponderosa HS 11 SJS 2 D2 Jordon Rushing Del Campo HS 11 SJS 2 D3 Forrest Shaffer Petaluma 12 NCS 3, +++ D1 Johannas Estifanos Milpitas 10 CCS 3 D2 Kyle Feuerhelm Woodside 12 CCS 3 D2 Grant Foster Los Gatos 11 CCS 3 D1 Adrian Hinojosa Bellarmine 11 CCS 3 D2 Jack Nevins Del Campo HS 12 SJS 3 D1 Kyle Rae Bellarmine 12 CCS 3 D5 Cole Williams Urban School of SF 12 NCS hm D2 Peter Anthony Cupertino 11 CCS hm D1 Jack Bordoni Bellarmine 11 CCS hm D1 Trent Brendel Granite Bay HS 10 SJS hm D3 Dylan Chamberlen Paradise 11 NS hm D1 Brian De La Mora Davis HS 12 SJS hm D2 Parker Deuel San Ramon Valley 11 NCS hm D3 Ryan Douglas Petaluma 10 NCS hm D4 Trevor Ehlenbach San Rafael 12 NCS hm D2 Richard Ho Leland 10 CCS hm D4 John Lawson Sir Francis Drake 10 NCS hm D1 Cormac McCullough Jesuit HS 12 SJS hm D3 Donald Plazola Willow Glen 12 CCS hm D3 Kevin Poteracke Petaluma 10 NCS hm D2 Ben Schneider Los Altos 12 CCS hm D4 Ned Tannenbaum SF University (HS) 12 NCS hm D1 Estaban Valencia Bellarmine 11 CCS hm D1 Miguel Vasquez Andrew Hill 10 CCS hm D1 Kyle Williams De La Salle 12 NCS hm D1 Benji Xie Oakridge HS 12 SJS SB D3 Cameron Trinh Skyline 12 OS SB D1 Patrick Gray Lincoln 12 SF all-frosh, ++++ D3 Aidan Goltra Las Lomas 9 NCS all-frosh D5 Gabe Arias-Sheridan St. Joseph Notre Dame 9 NCS all-frosh D1 Ben Garcia Pleasant Grove 9 SJS all-frosh D2 Taylor Guinnip Woodcreek HS 9 SJS all-frosh D3 Dante Hay Maria Carillo 9 NCS all-frosh D2 Blair Hurlock Ponderosa HS 9 SJS all-frosh D1 Austin Lloyd Berkeley 9 NCS all-frosh D4 Logan Marshall Half Moon Bay 9 CCS all-frosh D1 Parker Marson College Park 9 NCS all-frosh D1 Trystin Martin Jesuit HS 9 SJS all-frosh D3 Andrew Melendez Bishop O'Dowd 9 NCS all-frosh D3 Zach Stelzer Placer HS 9 SJS


1,SB,%,++ D3 Carrie Verdon Campolindo 11 NCS 1,+ D1 Kelsey Santisteban Castro Valley 12 NCS 1,SB,++++, all-Frosh D1 Clare Carroll Granite Bay HS 9 SJS 1, SB D1 Jessie Petersen Carlmont 12 CCS 1, all-Frosh D4 Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley 9 CCS 1 D1 Brooke Holt Granite Bay HS 12 SJS 1 D3 Grace Orders Campolindo 12 NCS 2,+++ D4 Vanessa Fraser Scotts Valley 10 CCS 2, all-Frosh D1 Sophie Hartley Granada 9 NCS 2, all-Frosh D4 Spencer Moore St. Mary's College (HS)9 NCS 2 D3 Madeleine Ankhelyi Vista Del Lago HS 10 SJS 2 D5 Lucy McCullough Marin Academy 12 NCS 2 D1 Carina Novell Granada 11 NCS 2 D1 Samantha Ralstin Oakridge HS 12 SJS 3 D5 Bridget Blum San Francisco Univ (HS)11 NCS 3 D1 Maryann Gong Granada 10 NCS 3 D3 Nikki Hiltz Aptos 10 CCS 3 D3 Rachel Hinds St. Ignatius 12 CCS 3 D3 Lauren Kraus Maria Carillo 10 NCS 3 D3 Annie Marggraff Acalanes 10 NCS 3 D1 Elaine McVay California 12 NCS hm D1 Cassidy Daley Lodi HS 10 SJS hm D2 Caitlin Devitt-Payne Del Oro HS 12 SJS hm D1 Jessica Diaz St. Francis HS 11 SJS hm, all-Frosh D1 Reaghan Emrick Oakridge HS 9 SJS hm D2 Emma Freeman Del Oro HS 12 SJS hm D2 Jessica Gerards Washington 12 NCS hm, all-Frosh D3 Kendal Hacker St. Ignatius 9 CCS hm D4 Becky Hobby Hughson 11 SJS hm D3 Amy Hollshwander Acalanes 10 NCS hm D2 Kayla Knapp Los Gatos 11 CCS hm, all-Frosh D1 Lauren LaRocco St. Francis HS 9 SJS hm D1 Erin Matranga St. Francis HS 12 SJS hm, all-Frosh D5 Julia Maxwell Branson 9 NCS hm D3 Rachel Meadows Campolindo 11 NCS hm D2 Ashley Moffet Casa Grande 10 NCS hm D2 Julie Nacouzi Montgomery 12 NCS hm D2 Karina Nunes Woodcreek HS 10 SJS hm D5 Holland Reynolds San Francisco Univ (HS)11 NCS hm D1 Erin Robinson Gunn 12 CCS hm D2 Brooke Ruppenthal Ponderosa HS 10 SJS hm D2 Allison Sturges Mountain View 11 CCS hm D2 Alexandra Tate Clayton Valley 11 NCS hm D1 Christine Zavesky Granite Bay HS 12 SJS all-Frosh D2 Elizabeth Hutchison Rio Americano HS 9 SJS all-Frosh D1 Sophie Meads Davis HS 9 SJS all-Frosh D1 Sarah Robinson Gunn 9 CCS SB D2 Kody Atkins Chico 11 NS SB D2 Isabella Bowden Balboa 10 SF SB D3 Jessica Kong Oakland 12 OS SB = Section Best % = Runner of the Year + = Senior of the Year ++ = Junior of the Year +++ Soph of the Year ++++ = Frosh of the Year hm = Honorable Mention