Gunn Scrimmage - 09/09/10

2.18 miles @ Gunn HS

Results available: Thanks to Ernie Lee of Gunn HS

Bol Park Course Map
Bol Park All Time List

Per CCS By-Laws (page 4, Section G, #2):

"Where no score is kept."

Per CCS, this means no times are allowed to be taken and are not allowed to be reported
(since if they were reported then that would imply that they were kept).  In Cross-Country,
per CCS, one cannot keep team scores as well as individual times for this is not the intent
of a scrimmage.  In Football terms you would not keep track of touchdowns (team scores) as
well as yardage gained (individual times), if you did, it would not be a scrimmage.  The coaches 
attending this meet are adhering to the "intent" of a scrimmage so as not to jeopardize any
participating athletes elegibility.

No results are available since this was a scrimmage and no official times are allowed to be kept.