Misc MtSAC Reports - 2010

If there are others you want send me an email to HANKLAW@IX.NETCOM.COM and I will see if I can create them. Boys Compined (XCStats) Teams only Boys Combined (LynbrookSports) Individuals & Teams Girls Combined (XCStats) Teams only - has incorrect times from race #98 Girls Combined (LynbrookSports) Individuals & Teams - has correct times from race #98 Boys Combined (XCStats) with Seniors removed Girls Combined (XCStats) with Seniors removed Boys Combined (LynbrookSports) with place within grade listed (no Teams) Girls Combined (LynbrookSports) with place within grade listed (no Teams) CCS Athletes(LynbrookSports) Individuals & Teams - combined times Excel file (XCStats) of all runners and all races - you have to say YES to ENABLE MACROS (it's safe) There is no easy way to generate reports by Division (D1, D2, etc) since that data was not available on the MSAC results (and hence is not on the XCStats excel file). If someone wants to take the time to add a DIVISION column and to add that info into the excel file and then email back to me I will then create team results based on Division. hank