XC Update #2 - 2010


It's down to 6 weeks before the first race, Lynbrook Center meet. Also start thinking of running the Marshall Clark 4 Mile. It is a good test for your training and takes place August 28th. We have been getting around 25 at our am group and 8 +/- at the the/thurs group. We picked up the tempo of the training. However we still have new people showing up and I adjust their training to match their conditioning. So don't be concerned about coming out if your not in shape, there has to be a beginning. We have a new coach helping the year. His name is Rich Stiller and he's been my training partner for 30 years. Yes I said 30 years. He and I have had many epic battles on the race field, sometimes he trashed me and other times the reverse. In any case he still runs and understands what you will go through in a race and a workout. I'm proud of all you that have been training. Some have been working on their own and that takes even more discipline. As Frank Shorter said (Olympic Marathon winner) it's 90% preparation and 10% mental. If your ready and fit the racing takes care of itself beca


8 weeks till your first face. About 25 are running with the am and pm groups and some are out of town, running on your own or simply not able to make practices. Those who have been running in the am group are getting in shape running 5 to 10 miles depending on there ability. They are going to be tough. I'll be taking the afternoon group and they will be stepping it up. They all run 5.5 miles with the warm up last Thursday. We coaches are here for you and want you to have a great season. Think of running each day like brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, or the other things you do each day. Find time for that run you always feel better after you've done it. We've started inserting some tempo running in the am group and will do the same for the pm group. Lynbrook will be known around the League as a bunch of hard nosed runners who have fun doing it.


Many have been training over the summer building their base. Those who are more fit will be ready to transition into some real speed work and will benefit the most. The idea is to be fit at the start of the season so that racing is your speed work. Just do it! You can find that 30 minute window to get in a run. You will be so happy that first day of practice knowing your ready. I find the am is best because the run is out or the way and I'll you need to do is start your day 30 minutes earlier.


Most distance running programs call for a 12 week build up to the start of racing. We have 10 more weeks to our first race. If you can start running now you will be more ready to start racing. The season is short for 90% of the runners only about 2 months long. I've seen Monta Vista and Cupertino running at Fremont Older. I'm sure many of the other schools are doing the same. I'm at Rainbow mon thru Fri at 9 am. We have been getting out 15 to 20 runners and they are getting fit. Come join us or tell me what your doing on your own. I want you all to be successful. Jake White, Head Coach (408) 353-4329 email jakeantoin@yahoo.com Thank you Jake White PS: more to come in future updates