XC Update #3 - 2010


This is a message to all Varsity runners and those who have trained through the Summer. The plan for next 4 weeks is to get ready for the racing, because once it starts we will be running 2 races most weeks. Once during the week on then Saturdays. Look at the schedule. That's why we will be doing these workouts untill the Lynbrook center Meet WORKOUTS One day of 5 to 6 miles plus 1 mile of fast reps with full recovery with full rest. Example 200 300 400 300 200 200. The runs will less than 800 probably200 to 600 meters. PURPOSE- to developed fast leg speed and running ecomony plus an endurance run. One long run day which equals 25% of the weekly mileage, ladies 8 to 10 miles, guys, 9 to 12 miles. PURPOSE- Develop mental toughness, endurance and aerobic system One day of pure intervals 3 miles worth with Half rest. Example 800 in 3:30 rest 1:45 then do a total of 6 x800=3 miles. We can mix it up between 400 to 1600. The point is to work on the VO2 max. This is a taxing workout and can't be done if your racing 2 times a week. PURPOSE-Stress the VO2max system. The higher your max the faster you'll be able to run in a race. Racing acts like an interval workouts because your continually stressing you body for 10 to 20 minutes that's why there done early and not while racing. One day of Tempo running. We have been doing these that is what are park and hill repeats have been. 3 to 4 miles with 1 minute rests at 10 k pace or mile pace plus 1 minute. We can do these during the season as long as there run at the proper pace and not to fast. PURPOSE-To raise your Threshold level which is the point where lactic acid starts to build in the muscle and causes the runner to slow down. It trains your body to run faster for a longer period of time. We will probably not do all these workouts in a week but will do 3 of the 4. I'll have to see how we are looking, then Rich and I will decide. Rich and I have been doing this kind of training for the last 30 years. Nothing has changed except they have different names for the same training. We understand what your feeling. We will not have you train the way we did because it was probably to hard. That's because we didn't understand you can train to hard. We didn't have the Science behind it. I won't have you do any workout that doesn't have a purpose. On a final note. You are a bunch of tough kids and we're proud of you. Also a special thanks to the Alumni runners who have set a get example.


Time to get more serious. Will start doing harder workouts as we get closer to racing time 4 weeks appox. Those who have been training all summer will be ready for them. Those who are just starting will have to be a little patient we don't want to have people getting injured. I feel we will have a strong team at all levels. Try to make our Rainbow workouts or train on your own. When we begin our first day of practice, August 16,we will start at 3:15 pm at the wooden shed behind the Field House. That will get us adjusted to afternoons. Remember to bring your physicals, you can give them to me now.


The evening practices will be suspended on Tues and Thurs for rest of season. There have only been 2 or 3 runners, most are running in the am or on their own. Morning practices have 25+ with more coming as the season gets closer. I'll be going away this Thurs and Friday but Rich Stiller and Alumni will be there.


6 more weeks till Lynbrook Center meet. Still getting 25+ at the am group and more coming every day. Hope all the rest of you have started running. Our major fund raiser is coming up on the 28th, Marshall Clark 4 mile. All of you that have been training should think about running it. Your cost will $20. I'll have forms, our you can get them online at Hank's Lynbrook site. Remember those physicals they have to be handed in before you can train with the team. Jake White, Head Coach (408) 353-4329 email jakeantoin@yahoo.com Thank you Jake White PS: more to come in future updates