2012 All NorCal High School XC Teams - Boys & Girls

All Nor-Cal History

In the instances where there were ties in the voting, we selected all tied athletes for that honor.
Athletes are not listed in final ranking order but in alpha order with a few exceptions.
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Committee Members - please have your votes in to me (Facilitator) by Dec 24th.

Committee Members:  (E-Mail all Committee Members)

Walt VanZant (CCS)             Tom Cushman (NS)         
Andy Leong (SF)                Peter Brewer (NCS)
Keith Conning (staff writer)   Albert Caruana (CCS/NCS) Hank Lawson (Facilitator)

Runner of the Year and Grade Athletes of the Year

Yohaness Estifanos, Milpitas (Senior); Aidan Goltra, Campolindo (Runner & Junior); Matt Schumann, DeLaSalle (Soph); Ben Zaeske, Los Altos (Frosh).
Jena Pianin, Amador Valley (Senior); Julia Maxwell, Branson (Runner & Junior); Diribe Ando, Berkeley (Soph); Maggie Bell, Granite Bay (Frosh).

Section Bests

Yohaness Estifanos, Milpitas (CCS); Aidan Goltra, Campolindo (NCS); Trent Brendel, Granite Bay (SJS); John Whelan, Etna (NS); Jeremie Showa, Mission (SFS); Adam Gardere, Oakland Tech (OS).
Julia Maxwell, Branson (NCS); Maggie Bell, Granite Bay (SJS); Vanessa Fraser, Scotts Valley (CCS); Jenna Storms, West Valley (NS); Kristen Leung, Lowell (SFS); Kathy Lien, Skyline (OS).


1st Team Aidan Goltra (11) NCS-Campolindo D3 Runner & Junior Of the Year & Section Best 1st Team Yohanness Estifanos (12) CCS-Milpitas D1 Senior Of the Year & Section Best 1st Team John Lawson (12) NCS-Sir Francis Drake D4 1st Team Richard Ho (12) CCS-Leland D2 1st Team Fred Huxham (11) NCS-Redwood D3 1st Team Trent Brendel (12) SJS-Granite Bay D2 Section Best 1st Team Daniel Bereket (12) CCS-Carlmont D1 2nd Team Ryan Corvese (12) CCS-Sobrato D3 2nd Team Matt Schumann (10) NCS-De La Salle D1 Sophomore Of the Year 2nd Team Trevor Reinhart (10) NCS-Marin Academy D5 2nd Team Tyler Hanson (12) NCS-Miramonte D3 2nd Team John Whelan (12) NS-Etna D5 Section Best 2nd Team Jack Scranton (12) SJS-Davis Sr. D1 2nd Team Connor Clark (12) NCS-University (sf) D5 2nd Team Ryan Anderson (11) NCS-Maria Carrillo D2 3rd Team Miguel Vasquez (12) CCS-Andrew Hill D1 3rd Team Ciaran Murphy (12) CCS-St. Ignatius D3 3rd Team Clayton Hutchins (12) NCS-Sir Francis Drake D4 3rd Team Luke Williams (11) NCS-De La Salle D1 3rd Team Sean Gregg (12) SJS-El Dorado D3 3rd Team Scott Edwards (11) CCS-Scotts Valley D4 3rd Team Danny Stalters (12) NCS-Northgate D3 Honorable Mention Sean Jagerson (12) SJS-Del Campo D2 Honorable Mention Toby Qualls (12) SJS-Placer D3 Honorable Mention Steven Sum (10) CCS-Saratoga D3 Honorable Mention Raymond Meijer (12) CCS-Bellarmine D1 Honorable Mention Neilson Powless (10) SJS-Roseville D2 Honorable Mention Terence Rabuzzi (11) CCS-Los Altos D2 Honorable Mention Garrett Migliozzi (11) SJS-Nevada Union D1 Honorable Mention Abdul Hamid (11) SJS-Sheldon D1 Honorable Mention Jaime Silva (12) NCS-Piner D4 Honorable Mention Tim Layten (12) CCS-Carlmont D1 Honorable Mention Jacob Zufelt (12) SJS-Whitney D2 Honorable Mention Efren Reyes (11) NCS-Piner D4 Honorable Mention Steven Grolle (11) SJS-Sonora D4 Honorable Mention Eduardo Garibay (12) CCS-Yerba Buena D2 Honorable Mention Zach Hanze (12) NCS-San Ramon Valley D1 Honorable Mention Ryan Douglas (12) NCS-Petaluma D3 Honorable Mention Gabe Arias-Sheriden (11) NCS-St. Joseph Notre Dame D5 Honorable Mention Julian Frost (12) NCS-Piedmont D4 Honorable Mention James Kinney (11) NCS-Marin Academy D5 Honorable Mention Blair Hurlock (11) NCS-De La Salle D1 Ben Zaeske (9) CCS-Los Altos D2 Freshman Of the Year Kevin Lehr (9) CCS-St. Ignatius D3 All-Frosh Andy Ehrenberg (9) NCS-Redwood D3 All-Frosh Zach Connolly (9) NCS-Redwood Christian D5 All-Frosh Patrick Olson (9) CCS-Aptos D3 All-Frosh Alex Ward (9) CCS-Saint Francis D2 All-Frosh Cameron Gaskell (9) NCS-Acalanes D3 All-Frosh Sean Kurdy (9) SJS-Jesuit D2 All-Frosh Matt Salazar (9) NCS-Casa Grande D2 All-Frosh Justin Robison (9) CCS-Lynbrook D2 All-Frosh Jeremie Showa (12) SFS-Mission D3 Section Best Adam Gardere (11) OS-Oakland Tech D1 Section Best


1st Team Julia Maxwell (11) NCS-Branson D5 Runner & Junior Of the Year & Section Best 1st Team Maggie Bell (9) SJS-Granite Bay D2 Freshman Of the Year & Section Best 1st Team Jena Pianin (12) NCS-Amador Valley D1 Senior Of the Year 1st Team Vanessa Fraser (12) CCS-Scotts Valley D4 Section Best 1st Team Danielle Katz (12) CCS-Los Gatos D2 1st Team Madeleine Ankhelyi (12) SJS-Vista Del Lago D3 1st Team Fiona O'Keeffe (9) SJS-Davis Sr. D1 All-Frosh 2nd Team Vanessa Estrada (12) CCS-San Benito D1 2nd Team Diribe Abdo (10) NCS-Berkeley D1 Sophomore Of the Year 2nd Team Lauren Larocco (11) SJS-St Francis (sac) D1 2nd Team Christine Bayliss (10) NCS-San Ramon Valley D1 2nd Team Chloe Pigg (9) NCS-Arcata D4 All-Frosh 2nd Team Kylie Goo (12) CCS-Westmoor D2 2nd Team Annie Marggraff (12) NCS-Acalanes D3 3rd Team Maya Weigel (12) CCS-Mountain View D2 3rd Team Lauren Jacob (9) CCS-Los Altos D2 All-Frosh 3rd Team Peyton Bilo (10) SJS-St Francis (sac) D1 3rd Team Eleanor Ferguson (12) SJS-St Francis (sac) D1 3rd Team Megan McCandless (9) NCS-Granada D1 All-Frosh 3rd Team Anna Harleen (11) NCS-Branson D5 3rd Team Maryann Gong (12) NCS-Granada D1 Honorable Mention Madison Rawson (11) SJS-St Francis (sac) D1 Honorable Mention Claire MacMillan (11) CCS-S.L.V. D4 Honorable Mention Clare Carroll (11) SJS-Vista Del Lago D3 Honorable Mention Miranda Myers (10) SJS-St Francis (sac) D1 Honorable Mention Mikayla Florez (11) SJS-Riverbank D4 Honorable Mention Kendall Hacker (11) CCS-St. Ignatius D3 Honorable Mention Catherine Lowdon (12) CCS-Burlingame D3 Honorable Mention Brooke Starn (9) NCS-Monte Vista D1 All-Frosh Honorable Mention Brighid Leach (10) NCS-Campolindo D3 Honorable Mention Yulisa Abundis (10) CCS-Aptos D3 Honorable Mention Faith Makau (12) SJS-Enochs D1 Honorable Mention Chloe Hansel (9) NCS-Las Lomas D3 All-Frosh Honorable Mention Kimberly Avalos (12) NCS-St. Joseph Notre Dame D5 Honorable Mention Spencer Moore (11) NCS-St. Mary's College D4 Honorable Mention Karina Nunes (12) SJS-Woodcreek D1 Honorable Mention Hannah Allen (10) CCS-Homestead D1 Honorable Mention Macaulay Porter (12) SJS-Rio Americano D3 Honorable Mention Gillian Meeks (9) CCS-Gunn D1 All-Frosh Honorable Mention Steenalisa Tilcock (12) NCS-Freedom D1 Honorable Mention Jenna Storms (10) NS-West Valley D4 Section Best Honorable Mention Kendall Derry (9) SJS-Bella Vista D2 All-Frosh Honorable Mention Anna Maxwell (11) CCS-S.L.V. D4 Lauren Mason (9) SJS-Woodcreek D1 All-Frosh Kristen Leung (9) SFS-Lowell D1 Section Best Kathy Lien (12) OS-Skyline D1 Section Best