Lowell Instructions - 2012

Frosh Boys 1 Frosh Boys 2 F/S Girls 1 F/S Girls 2 Bellarmine 43Palo Alto 27San Ramon Valley 39St. Ignatius 49 James Logan 16St. Ignatius 21Palo Alto 35St. Francis-Mt. Vie 31 Westmoor 14Lincoln - Stockton 20James Logan 26Mercy-Burlingame 23 Menlo Atherton 11Mills 12Lincoln - Stockto 26Lowell 22 Aragon 10Realm Charter 11Menlo Atherton 14Mountain View 19 Archbishop Riordan 10Lowell 10Westmoor 14Newark Memorial 14 Hillsdale 9San Ramon Valley 10Sequoia 13Aragon 13 Newark Memorial 8San Mateo 9Lincoln - Lincoln 10Joseph A. Gregori 10 Abraham Lincoln - S 7Sir Francis Drake 7Mills 10Livingston 10 Galileo 6Riverbank 6Half Moon Bay 9Abraham Lincoln - S 8 St. Patrick/St. Vin 6Woodside 6Mercy-S.F. 8Castilleja 8 Joseph A. Gregori 5Mountain View 5Urban 8Sacred Heart Prep 7 Geo.Washington-S.F. 4Sequoia 5Riverbank 6Geo.Washington-S.F. 6 Terra Nova 4Urban 4Fred C. Beyer 5Evergreen Valley 4 Alameda 3Evergreen Valley 3Terra Nova 4Sir Francis Drake 4 Livingston 3Phillip & Sala Burt 3Woodside 4Will C Wood 4 Will C Wood 3Antioch 2Livermore 3Galileo 3 John O'Connell 1S.F. Waldorf 3Realm Charter 3 Alameda 2San Mateo 3 Antioch 2El Dorado 2 Mission 2Phillip & Sala Burt 2 St. Patrick/St. V 2John O'Connell 1 162 162 245 246 Soph Boys 1 Soph Boys 2 JV Boys 1 JV Boys 2 Palo Alto 27Bellarmine 49Westmoor 38Bellarmine 61 St. Ignatius 25Menlo Atherton 20Mills 30St. Ignatius 23 Lincoln - Stockton 23Newark Memorial 18James Logan 22Lowell 15 San Ramon Valley 16James Logan 14San Ramon Valley 21Sequoia 15 Joseph A. Gregori 14Geo.Washington-S.F. 13St. Patrick/St. V 14Albany 12 Livermore 13Westmoor 13Menlo Atherton 13Geo.Washington-S.F. 12 Half Moon Bay 11Mills 11Livingston 12Mountain View 12 Mountain View 10Alameda 9St Lawrence Acade 12Lincoln - Stockton 10 Phillip & Sala Burt 10Livingston 8Aragon 11Palo Alto 9 St. Patrick/St. Vin 9Lowell 8Sacred Heart Prep 8Villa Park 9 Abraham Lincoln - S 7Archbishop Riordan 7Joseph A. Gregori 6Alameda 7 El Dorado 7Fred C. Beyer 7Galileo 5Fred C. Beyer 6 Sequoia 7Antioch 6Bay School 4Archbishop Riordan 5 Galileo 6Lincoln - Lincoln 6Sir Francis Drake 4Livermore 5 Woodside 6Aragon 5Newark Memorial 4Phillip & Sala Burt 3 Terra Nova 5Will C Wood 5Woodside 3Grace Davis 3 San Mateo 4Sir Francis Drake 3Lincoln - Lincoln 2Riverbank 3 Evergreen Valley 3Urban 3Antioch 1 Mission 2John O'Connell 1 205 206 210 210 JV Girls Var Girls 1 Var Girls 2 Var Boys 1 San Ramon Valley 23Grace Davis 9Palo Alto 9Palo Alto 7 Lowell 17El Dorado 8Alameda 7El Dorado 7 Newark Memorial 16Antioch 7Aragon 7Will C Wood 7 Menlo Atherton 13Fred C. Beyer 7James Logan 7Westmoor 7 St. Ignatius 11Joseph A. Gregori 7Lincoln - Lincoln 7St. Patrick/St. Vin 7 St. Francis-Mt. Vie 10Lincoln - Stockton 7Livermore 7St. Ignatius 7 Mercy-S.F. 9Livingston 7Lowell 7Sir Francis Drake 7 Palo Alto 9Menlo Atherton 7Mercy-Burlingame 7Riverbank 7 Presentation 9Mercy-S.F. 7Milpitas 7Newark Memorial 7 Sacred Heart Prep 9Mountain View 7Newark Memorial 7Milpitas 7 Woodside 8Northwood 7Presentation 7Menlo Atherton 7 Aragon 7Riverbank 7Sacred Heart Prep 7Lowell 7 Villa Park 7San Mateo 7San Ramon Valley 7Livingston 7 Alameda 6Sequoia 7Sir Francis Drake 7Lincoln - Lincoln 7 Bay School 6St. Ignatius 7St. Francis-Mt. V 7Joseph A. Gregori 7 James Logan 6St. Patrick/St. Vin 7Villa Park 7John O'Connell 7 Livingston 6Westmoor 7Will C Wood 7Half Moon Bay 7 Albany 5Woodside 7Bay School 6Galileo 7 Joseph A. Gregori 5Evergreen Valley 6Albany 5Alameda 7 Mountain View 5Hillsdale 5Half Moon Bay 5S.F. Waldorf 6 Riverbank 5Terra Nova 5St Lawrence Acade 5Hillsdale 6 Half Moon Bay 4Abraham Lincoln - S 5Galileo 4Terra Nova 5 Sequoia 4Urban 1S.F. Waldorf 3Phillip & Sala Burt 2 Westmoor 4 Mission 2Mission 2 Lincoln - Stockton 3 Mid-Peninsula 1 Mercy-Burlingame 3 Geo.Washington-S. 4 Castilleja 2 Castilleja 2 Mills 2 Grace Davis 1 Livermore 1 Mid-Peninsula 1 Phillip & Sala Burt 1 Sir Francis Drake 1 151 158 154 Will C Wood 1 220 Var Boys 2 Mountain View 7 Bellarmine 7 Woodside 7 Villa Park 7 St Lawrence Academy 7 Sequoia 7 San Ramon Valley 7 Sacred Heart Prep 7 Mills 7 Mid-Peninsula 7 Livermore 7 Lincoln - Stockton 7 Geo.Washington-S.F. 7 Fred C. Beyer 7 Antioch 7 Bay School 7 Archbishop Riordan 7 Aragon 7 Urban 6 James Logan 6 Evergreen Valley 6 San Mateo 5 Albany 5 Abraham Lincoln - S 3 Grace Davis 2 159 LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL Lowell Invitational 1101 Eucalyptus Drive San Francisco, CA 94132 Phone: 415-759-2730 TO: Cross Country Coaches FROM: Andy Leong Lowell Invitational Meet Director DATE: September 15, 2012 SUBJECT: Race Day Instructions Welcome to the 40th annual San Francisco Cross Country Invitational Meet. This year marks the 34th consecutive year that Lowell High School has sponsored this meet. It is a pleasure having you and your team here today. Please follow the directions listed below. 1) Each coach will receive this instruction sheet, name labels, race pull tags, two 2.13 mile course maps (F/S) and two 2.93 mile course maps. 2) There is no need to declare what race your runners are going to run before the race. They will be recorded in the race that they finish in. If you have a runner that does not have a chip, use a chip of a runner that is not running today of the same gender. We will try to change the name in the computer later. This will be the only way we will accommodate new names today. 3) Runners are asked to leave the finish line area as soon as they return their computer chips. ONLY COACHES WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE FINISH AREA! PLEASE KEEP YOUR TEAM AWAY FROM THE FINISH AREA OR DISQUALIFICATION WILL BE ISSUED. 4) We will try to post results, so please do not bother the computer operator. See Meet Director Andy Leong if results have not been posted and I will try to make them available. 5) Top runners of non-winning teams will also receive medals. 6) All team members must wear an identifying top. No spikes or bare feet allowed. 7) Please instruct all of your runners to watch for bikes and horses on all paths. 8) A Varsity team must be entered before you can enter a J.V. team. If you have a special situation, speak to Meet Director Andy Leong before the J.V. races. 9) SCHEDULE TIME # Team Awards # Inv. Awards Walk Course 8:00-8:45 AM (maps provided) Frosh Boys 1 9:00 AM 2 12 Frosh Boys 2 9:25 AM 2 12 F/S Girls 1 9:50 AM 2 12 F/S Girls 2 10:15 AM 2 12 Soph Boys 1 10:40 AM 2 12 Soph Boys 2 11:05 AM 2 12 J.V. Boys 1 11:30 AM 2 9 J.V. Boys 2 11:55 AM 2 9 J.V. Girls 12:30 PM 2 12 Var. Girls 1 1:00 PM 3 20 Var. Girls 2 1:30 PM 3 20 Var. Boys 1 2:00 PM 3 20 Var. Boys 2 2:30 PM 3 20 There will be no Awards Ceremony this year. Awards can be pickup at the registration table during the meet. 10) It is requested that each team pick up litter in their area when the meet has concluded. Trash bags are available at the finish line. 11) Tee shirts will be for sale. The cost is $15.00. 12) This meet is a smoke free event! Please tell your parents and supporters that there is No Smoking of any kind! The following schools have confirmed and are expected to participate in today's meet: Entry fees (based on names submitted) will be $10.00 per individual, $50.00 per division (5 to 15 runners. For ever runner over 15, an additional $2 will be charged.) Each school will also be charged a $35.00 website/facility fee. The maximum fee a school will pay will be based on the number of names that they are entering. Below is the maximum fee schedule: Number of Names Maximum Fee 1 – 30 $200.00 31 – 40 $210.00 41 – 50 $220.00 51 – 60 $230.00 61 – 70 $240.00 71 – 80 $250.00 81 – 90 $260.00 91 – 100 $270.00 101 – 110 $280.00 111 – 120 $290.00 121+ $300.00 Checks should be made out to "Lowell High School Track Team". Thank you for coming today and have a great time! Chip Instructions: 1) ALL athletes MUST wear the corresponding shoe chip(s) as listed on your roster. 2) ALL athletes MUST wear the corresponding numbered “chip(s)”. --Chips are numbered on the Black side. Make sure to match the correct numbers to the corresponding athlete numbers. --Chips are to be shoe laced into the shoe laces as shown. Do NOT put the chip in your sock, on your ankle, or in your pocket, etc. Only wear as shown. 3) ALL chips, whether an athlete is running, NOT running, or DOES NOT FINISH MUST be turned in and/or collected after each race. We need them for another up coming race. 4) There is a $25 charge for each chip not returned