Race Instructions

Coaches, Please review the following with your athletes so that on race day they will know what to expect. Every team will get a small packet of race tags and a print out showing race #, name, grade, gender and team. These are recycled tags so IGNORE whatever name is on the tag. You DO NOT have to write your name on the tag, the computer already knows what tag goes with what athlete. Be sure to run with YOUR TAG, if you don't then the wrong name will show up in the results. If you do run with the wrong tag, please notify the race timer ASAP of this mistake so I can correct the results before they get posted to the web - once they are posted, I can't control who copies and pastes the results into other results databases. Each tag has two holes in it - only pin your tag to your shirt using ONE pin hole. Pins are available from your coach. When you are done with your race, please return the pin to your coach so they can be used at the next meet. You MUST run with a tag. If there is not one for you then come see the race timer so that I can assign you a race tag. When you finish the race, keep moving thru the chute and DO NOT pass anyone (and don't let anyone pass you). A volunteer will cut your tag off with scissors and hand it back to you. DO NOT try and rip the tag off for you will rip your jersey before you rip the plastic coated paper that the tag is made out of. Keep moving thru the chute and hand your tag to the person at the end of the chute as you exit the chute (DO NOT exit the chute early). Clear the area - greet your teammates AWAY from the finish area (it will already be congested and hectic). Results will be printed 5 minutes after the last runner has finished the race and will be posted at a location determined by the meet Director (ask your coach where this location is at). Results will also be posted that night at: www.LynbrookSports.com