Jr Hi County Meet - 10/21/14

A fantastic day to run with cool clear skies and lots of great competition as 33 teams were represented by 372 athletes. Cupertino took home the team titles for the 7th & 8th grade girls and the 7th grade boys. Fisher won 6th & 8th grade boys titles, and Willow Glen won the 6th grade girls title. There were some fine individual performances too. Josh Lee from EDS was the boys County Grand Champion and had the fastest time of the day. He just missed the meet and course records by 12 seconds. Drew Fenton from Sunnyvale Middle missed the 6th grade meet record by 2 seconds. Sasha Pickard from Redwood was the girls County Grand Champion with the fastest time of the day for the ladies. Audrey Reed from St. Lucy’s now owns the 6th grade meet record to go along with her 5th grade meet record from last year. She ran the 6th fastest time of the day for the girls. 4th grader Bethany Chen from Meyerhulz Elementary ran a quick 15:02 and was the 13th fastest girl of the day. Thanks to all of you for joining us and helping to grow the meet. A great big thank you also goes out to the coaches and the Willow Glen Parents who helped make the meet run smoothly. See you all next year.