Palo Alto City Meet - Meet Pictures

Avadhani Aashai P FS 11:38
Tagert Donald p FS 11:51
Enders David G FS 11:52
Clark Eliot P FS 12:15
Seto Nathan P FS 12:24
Wu Josh G FS 12:26
Gersh Pat G FS 12:27
Riano Niklas P FS 12:27
Minami Felix P FS 12:28
Yuen Noah P FS 12:32
Fernandez Seb G FS 12:32
Yu Jevan P FS 12:33
Gupta Ayuish P FS 12:37
Packard Justin P FS 12:39
Antony Mathew G FS 12:47
Burton Thomas G FS 12:50
Rosenberg Evan G FS 12:55
Schultz Colin G FS 12:56
Wong Nick G FS 13:06
Ho Brian p FS 13:08
Qin Oliver G FS 13:13
Rerolle Phillipe P FS 13:14
Siddarth Jain G FS 13:15
Vargus Bruno P FS 13:19
Foug Tyler P FS 13:20
Frahn Harrison P FS 13:21
Schulman Miles P FS 13:23
Ericsson Philip P FS 13:25
Yu Richard G FS 13:30
Berlaga Alex G FS 13:31
Baumgarten Zak P FS 13:34
Tayer John P FS 13:35
Sanders Zac G FS 13:35
Butner Tyler G FS 13:37
Miklos Arjun G FS 13:38
Jaitly Rahul G FS 13:39
Washburn L P FS 13:48
Felter Darby P FS 13:51
Gulman jacob P FS 14:02
Goldgof Ben G FS 14:09
Mittal Goutam G FS 14:11
Chang Jacob P FS 14:12
Cox K P FS 14:25
Liu Oscar P FS 14:26
Salway E P FS 14:26
Huang Kevin G FS 14:31
Navadeh Reza P FS 14:32
Mathew Tristan G FS 14:37
Nicholas T P FS 14:49
Chin Brandon G FS 15:02
Kerr Kevin P FS 15:03
Liu Oliver P FS 15:09
Englehardt Colin G FS 15:12
Bao Michael G FS 15:16
Wang T P FS 15:16
Shi Jonathan G FS 15:27
Zajac J P FS 15:28
Singh J P FS 15:28
Orumchian Kasra P FS 15:33
Semeria Liam G FS 15:51
Singh Shaan G FS 15:56
Singh Shaan G FS 15:56
P FS 16:14
Pavan Rajiv G FS 16:30
Blom Charlie G FS 16:52
Daly Ford G FS 17:52
Slaney Kent P VB 10:28
Craig Sam P VB 10:51
Kovacs Reid G VB 11:01
Saul Henry P VB 11:02
Foster Reed P VB 11:07
Enders Jonas G VB 11:08
Radin Josh G VB 11:15
M Spencer P VB 11:18
B Ben P VB 11:20
Araghi Ryan G VB 11:26
LathamMcGraw Dylan G VB 11:30
Rufer Simon G VB 11:38
Segal Zach P VB 11:49
Baer Andrew P VB 11:52
Oda Kai P VB 11:54
Lee-H Jeff G VB 11:55
Yuen Josh P VB 12:06
RS Thomas P VB 12:09
Mason Cory P VB 12:26
Gara Parker P VB 12:30
Katz Isaiah G VB 12:34
Englehardt Zachary G VB 12:36
Bouyssounouse Andre G VB 12:43
D gregor P VB 12:44
NG Jackson P VB 13:05
Newell Tanner P VB 13:14
Jacobsen Brandon G VB 13:19
Wang Geoff G VB 13:29
Wang Jeffrey G VB 13:29
R Blake P VB 13:37
Doerr Jackson P VB 13:38
Cheng Luke G VB 13:39
Valente Sergio P VB 13:43
Hill Brian G VB 13:53
Lin Brendan G VB 13:55
Stewart Charlie G VB 14:21
Schultz Aaron G VB 14:47
S Brian P VB 14:52
Huang Andrew G VB 15:03
Paskanzer Henry G VB 15:07
Williams Blaine P VB 15:07
Tang Alex G VB 15:12
Meeks Gillian G VG1 12:03
Gardner Illi G VG1 12:40
Dobson Julia P VG1 12:50
Shea Joyce G VG1 12:57
Hu Claire G VG1 13:25
Rebitzer Maya P VG1 13:35
Chandler Andrea P VG1 13:35
Chaio Emma G VG1 13:39
Thomas Priya G VG1 14:18
Sigdel Shristi G VG1 14:23
Twoy Abby G VG1 14:37
Kmetec Tjasa G VG1 15:06
Parmeter Ashby P VG1 15:06
Bolarinwa Titi P VG1 15:32
Chen Nicole P VG1 15:45
Hall Charlotte P VG1 15:46
Valdina Alessandra G VG1 15:50
Rufer Alana G VG1 15:51
Sanyal Mirna G VG1 15:55
Steiner x P VG1 15:58
Smallwood Corinne P VG1 16:20
Seligson Anna P VG1 16:20
Katz x P VG1 16:23
Rodriguez Diana P VG1 16:51
Bernstein x P VG1 16:51
Mahonney Maya G VG2 13:58
Mahonney Zoe G VG2 14:04
Meng Julie P VG2 14:28
Douglas Zoe P VG2 14:36
Greene Mara G VG2 14:39
Wilson Maya P VG2 14:40
Akkaraju Maya P VG2 14:40
Zhou Sherry G VG2 14:42
Green Kia G VG2 14:43
Cheunkarndee Tia G VG2 14:48
Hill Natalie G VG2 14:49
Lu Milli P VG2 15:21
Elarde Caroline P VG2 15:26
Blanchez Laura P VG2 15:30
Ruben Maya P VG2 15:36
Sun Lydia G VG2 15:47
Chan Joy P VG2 15:51
Silver Anita G VG2 15:53
Ogawa Jenna P VG2 15:54
Berry Katie P VG2 16:07
Wong Kristin G VG2 16:11
Morita Hana P VG2 16:15
Adams Christina P VG2 16:16
S Anna P VG2 16:16
Mou Allison P VG2 16:19
Houng Joanna G VG2 16:21
Guionnet Lou P VG2 16:22
Pan Hannah P VG2 16:26
Timberg Cecilia P VG2 16:38
Wei Jolie G VG2 16:45
Wang Emily P VG2 16:47
Semeria Claire G VG2 16:58
Berschauer Claire P VG2 16:59
Lee Catherine G VG2 17:07
Wolf Adele G VG2 17:23
Rozak Analise G VG2 17:24
Star-Lack Maya P VG2 17:28
Srinivas Vaidehi G VG2 17:31
Mutz Hannah P VG2 17:38
Hristov Deiana G VG2 17:41
Kim Gio G VG2 17:44
Mostaghimi Nura P VG2 18:12
Watt Lauren P VG2 18:16
Gao Jenny G VG2 18:27
Field Avery P VG2 18:59
Mitz Sarah P VG2 19:15
Zhang Katie G VG2 19:46
Beckstrom Iris P VG2 19:50
Nemet Stephanie P VG2 20:30
Jorgansen x P VG2 20:39
The Palo Alto City Championships yesterday were decidedly low key. But boy can those kids run fast. There were records broken! 
Junior Kent Slaney said he was taking it easy, and still managed to run the 2.18 mile course in a 10:28. That puts him #3 on the list 
of all-time fastest HS times at Bol Park (fastest Junior time). Heís now 4 seconds behind legendary Paly runner Phil MacQuitty on 
both the Bol Park record list, and the Paly 1 mile list. 
Sophomore Sam Craig decided it would be fun to go out fast with Kent. Normally this is a foolish idea, as they both covered the 
first mile in a blistering fast 4:47 or 4:48. Sam slowed down a bit, but the pull from his older teammate was enough to get Sam a 
time of 10:51 and put him 21st on the list of all-time fastest HS times at Bol. Way to go Sam! 
Freshman Henry Saul was up front near the start, fell back a bit and finished in 11:02. This was fast enough to set the Freshman 
record at Bol, knocking Kent off the top of the record list. Wow. 
Sophomore Aashai Avadhani easily won the fresh/soph race. I didnít get his time. 
Sophomore Julia Doubson kept up with the indomitable Gillian Meeks (Gunn Senior) to lead the Paly girls. 
It was nice to see Kai and Claire running again after recovering from injuries! 
Coach Kelsey and Coach Jones honored the Senior runners with home made capes, They looked quite dashing in the breeze. 
Pictures are online at 
If you want to see what it takes to run like this, check out the pictures I took at the varsity boysí workout after the race. 
They headed to the hill above 280 where it crosses Arastradero. I took pictures of their hill repeats and they are at the 
end of the Flickr photo set (page 3). Fast runners, steep hills, and sunset. Life is pretty. 

Time Schedule

-- Senior Ceremony --
3:30 Varsity girls 2
4:00 F/S boys 
4:30 Varsity girls 1
5:00 Varsity boys