AAU JO Nationals - 12/07/19

Official Results WebSite        LOS GATOS TRACK CLUB AAU CROSS COUNTRY NATIONALS   In Knoxville, Tennessee - December 7, 201953 Degrees - Sunny - No Rain - No Wind - Perfect I want to thank all the parents and runners for allthe hard work we all put in to get to Nationals andI want to congratulate everyone for the best yearin Club history!  I am so proud of the effort that was put in toward reaching our goals, and of course the results that came from the effort!                                RESULTSGirls 13-14: NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!* The Best Team in Club History !* We had 5 Girls in the Top 11 !* Won the Nationals by 64 points !* We were the only club in the Nation with 2   winning teams in the Girls teams overall, (with 11-12)* Our First 13-14 Winning Team in Club History   (We were 2nd-2015, 2nd-2017, 2nd-2018, 1st-2019)* Individual National Champion - Lauren Soobrian* We had 5 All-Americans:* 14 Year Old All-Americans: Lauren Soobrien,   Alexandra Zannon, and Mircea Kippes* 13 Year Old All-Americans: Tauren Mitchell,   Ashlyn Boothby* Thank You to Assistant Coach Kiarra!***National Champ **All-American *Great Race "A TEAM"            Overall / Team / 14  / 13  
                                       Place      Place    Age   Age   TIME
1-Laurin Soobrian     1         1         1       -    14:30***       (from Los Altos HS)
2-Tauren Mitchell      5         4         -       2     15:18**       (from Rolling Hills Middle School)
3-Alexandra Zanon   8         5         4       -     15:20**       (from Mitty High School)
4-Ashlyn Boothby     9         6         -       5     15:22**        (from Scotts Valley Middle School)
5-Mircea Kippes       11        7         6       -     15:29**       (from Wilcox HS)
6-Suki Kasmi            26       15         -     14    15:57*       (from New Brighten Middle School)
7-Sally Vaucois        28       17         -     15    16:06*        (from Union Middle School)
8-Amber Boothby    29       18       14      -     16:08*       (from Scotts Valley HS)
LAUREN SOOBRIAN - You not only are the best Froshat the California State Meet, you are the Best in the Nation!  Your first National Championship, hopefully you will have many more. Next year you will step up to Foot Locker!  You were so impressive to all that got the chance to see you run.You showed so much confidence and poise throughout!You are a NATIONAL CHAMPION Lauren !!!TAUREN MITCHELL - What a perfect season, going unbeaten - winning League, County, PAUSATF, and nowafter 3 years, you are now an All-American - Team and Individual!  So proud of you!  You proved you can do it in a National field!!!  You were the 2nd best 13 year old. Can you believe it!  That is totally amazing!  I loved youraggressiveness at the start!ALEXANDRA ZANON - Fantastic Season! Going frombeing All-American last year, to All-American 4x800 in Track to 3rd place in CCS XC and #3 best freshman in CCS, to nowanother All-American 14 year old!  You are amazing for allthat you do. 4th Best 14 year old! Great build-up race last mile.You ran this race just like your Clovis race in Fresno!ASHLYN BOOTHBY - You are the most improved on theteam for sure.  You last 4-5 meets were tremendous effortsfrom County-winning Golden Gate-winning Menlo Park, 2nd atPAUSATF.  Making All-American highlights your season.  Andyou are only justing starting out. #5 best 13 year old in USA.I am so proud of you and I know your family is too!MIRCEA KIPPES - I am so glad you joined our club. Your last 4 meets were huge improvement jumps by 20-30 seconds ata time.  I think State and Nationals are great experience for youas you continue to get better and better.  I can see your focusand wanting to be great is all there, as you now are a 14 year oldAll-American. 11th Place is great, 6th best 14 year old!!!  5th best freshman in CCS is also great and you should be so proud!!!SUKI KASMI - You made this Top 8 National championship"A" team as one of your goals all season long.  You stepped upand ran your best this season in all the big meets.  14th best 13 year old in the USA is fantastic!   So proud of you, and youenjoyed every minute of this whole experience!  Thank You Suki.SALLY VAUCOIS - You should be very proud of what youhave done this season, and I really really wanted you a part ofthis team.  You were so dedicated and a perfect teammate for thisteam that enjoyed you being there all the time!  15th in the USAfor 13 year olds is fantastic!  You have a great personality for thisteam!AMBER BOOTHBY - being healthy for this meet was veryimportant to compete in because you are so deserving.  14th best 14 year old is great, and I'm so proud of you!  Being onthis team meant so much to be a part of.  Your only just startingwith your running career.  You have a great attitude and drive! GIRLS 13-14 "B" TEAM - 10th Place                                Overall / Team /    14  /   13                                            Place     Place     Age    Age     TIME1-Sophie Kellogg    49       29         -      32    16:34       (from Fisher Middle School)2-Madi Taylor          77       45         -      54    16:57       (from New Brighten Middle School)3-Anna Feland         92      57       28        -    17:164-Caelan Gilliam     98       58       30       -     17:255-Natalie Mark       114       68       36       -     17:406-Sarah Kellogg    119       70        -       81    17:477-Dresden Brabo  127       75        -       87    18:068-Emily Kellogg    142       84       44       -     18:31 GIRLS 13-14 TEAM SCORES:1- Los Gatos Track Club        23 ***2- Pacific Coast Shockwave  873- Bullseye Running             1144- Derby Track Club              1195- Marlton Track Club           1486- Carmel DP                         184   7- Valley United                     18810th - Los Gatos "B" TEAM  257 *(Out of 18 Teams-193 runners in field)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GIRLS 11-12: NATIONAL CHAMPIONS* The Best Team in Los Gatos Club History* We won Nationals by 37 points!* We had 4 in the top 11 !* We had 4 12 year old ALL-AMERICANS!  Shea Elmore, Kylie Hoornaert, Sabrina   Zanetto, and Emily Soobrian!* National Individual Champion - Shea Elmore!* Our clubs only 11-12 National Championship* We went from 4th last year to First this year!SHEA ELMORE - NATIONAL CHAMPION!!!So very proud of you.  Your a leader, a great supportive teammate to others, a perfect example of just how your greatness, your friendliest,you're encouragement, rubs off onto us all.  County, PAUSATF Champ,last years Track National 3000 Championship, and now your a 5 time All-American, and a great friend to us all.  Your strength and speedis so fantastic right now - you need to take a well deserved rest. KYLIE HOORNAERT - You are the most improved on this team for sure.  Only 14 seconds from our National Champion.  You have been running that close in many meets now.  4th in Nation isnot only great, but your the second best 12 year old in the Nation.That sounds pretty good doesn't it!  Seeing you enjoy running, seeingyou love to compete, and having fun at the same time, is the best!Your energy is contagious and your build-up races are also the best!You are perfect in deserving All-American!  You always step up inbig meets.  Your an All-American from track and now XC!SABRINA ZANETTO - your the only runner on the team that  didn't hear me yelling to start kicking with a 400 to go. I know thereason for that now.  It is because your were already kicking by peopleby then.  It's like you told yourself to start kicking.  You're the 6th best12 year old in the nation with a BIG come-thru performance!  You'rean All-American - can you believe it!  Your a 2 time All-American fromTrack and Cross Country.EMILY SOOBRIAN - Wow!  This was your best race of the seasonand to finish up your great season with All-American status which is so great, that I feel like you really do know now how great you really are!  7th best 12 year old in the nation, sound pretty good!  11th overall.   I remember telling your parents at the Menlo Park meet, just how close you can come to getting an achievement such as this!  I am really proud of you!  With this great effort, you, Kylie, Sabrina, and Shea all deserve the MVP of the team!SABRINA NORIEGA - You were not at the very top of what you can do, but 28th place in the Nation is great enough to help be our allimportant 5th scoring girl and finish our National Team Championship.I thank you for joining us.  I know your talent is good enough to haveplaced in the top 10, but you will be back because you are a fantasticrunner with the most potential on the team I believe!  You didn't quitemake All-American but you were in Track, and like I said, you will be back even stronger, I am sure of this.  Thank You so much.  You hada side ache, which can happen but you pushed through it fantastic!CHIARA BONOMI - You have to know that with your limitedamount of meets, training, and background this season, that you canbe right up there next season.  You have the talent, but you have tobe at it for awhile to get that confidence, and conditioning to do great.Just be patient, keep doing our workouts, especially leading up to this track season, for it will all pay off later on.  Take this experience and remember it, for next time you will be ready I am sure. Thanks for whatyou have done.TATUM PYLE - Thanks so much for a great season.  You are learning so much about these big meets, that when it is time for youto step up in our top 3,4,5 runners, you will be able to make that jump.  You have the talent, and you have fun with all of this, that Ibelieve that if you keep training in the off season, that it will happen.You did well this season placing in the top 4 or so in the Fisher meets, and 6th in County, so you can do it! Thanks for a great season. GIRLS 11-12 TEAM SCORES:1- Los Gatos Track Club         43 ***2- Pacific Coast Shockwave   603- Louisville                              814- Derby TC                              995- Bullseye Running               1406- Knoxville                             202Etc. (19 TEAMS COMPETED, 236 RUNNERS IN THE FIELD)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BOYS 13-14 - 7th Place in USA* We placed 7th as a team and your all 13 Years olds,so this team will all be back, which is great news?* With Shane, you would have been 5th Place, butShane had a great season and we appreciate him!* 248 runners in the Field, 22 teams participated! 1-BRIAN GONZALEZ 14:08** -19th Place Overall,10th    Team Place, & 10th 13 year old. *** (From South Valley   Middle School) I consider   you a Honorable Mention All-American.  I am so proud of   how much effort you put in on each race, for you were so   close.  You run like you want to win in every race!    I appreciate you and your efforts.2- AYDEN STEFANOPOULAS - 14:35* 48th Place   Overall, 30th team place, 29th place for 13 year   olds.  (From Union Middle School)   What a great season you had, and I am   proud of you.  Your dedication has been the best!  You are making big jumps of improvement each  season.  Next year you will be so tough to beat!3- AARON SONI - 15:14* - 82nd place overall, 50th  team place, with a 50th Place as a 13 year olds.   (From Discovery Middle School) You are going to be a great distance runner? It was a pleasure  helping you in our program.  You will be so much better  in Track next semester!  Your only just getting starting.4- LIAM SAXTON - 15:24 - 95th place overall, 55th  team place, and 54th 12th year olds. (From HydeMiddle School)  You have so  much talent and have shown it, all season long. You are County  Champ and you had a great season. This was an experience you need for next time on how to run great in a National field.5- JOSH GUZMAN - 15:33 - 112th place overall, 66th team place.  (From South Valley Middle School) Thank you for all you have done with our  program over the years.  You make running fun, and your  going to have a great high school career!  Go after your  brother at school for you need to set goals and train for them.6- AIDEN BOOTHBY - 16:22 - 157th place overall,97th team place.  (From Scotts Valley HS) You were hurt this season, so I appreciate this very much coming to Nationals with your sisters and giving it a good shot.