Installing FTP Explorer (10 mins)

o Take the two 3.5" floppys in insert floppy # 1 o Through "My Computer" (on your Desktop) double click on the floppy or Download from net by clicking on FTP Explorer (Note: FTP Explorer Home Page. o Double click on "FTP_Explorer" (ZIP file) o Select directory for the files to be extracted (select ALL files & EXTRACT) o Double click on the SETUP program (NOT the one in the FTP_EXPLORER folder) o Delete files (clean up) that aren't used. o Answers to the questions asked: - Create Shortcut on Desktop (all others should NOT be checked) - I AGREE (to the terms) - Specify your E-mail - OK - NO on creating sample Profiles o In EXPLORER, move FTPX.EXE to your Desktop (if the Shortcut didn't work) o Double click on FTPX.EXE - To create a PROFILE (1 min): * Profile Name: Lynbrook_Daily (or something) * Host Address: * Port: 21 * Login: daily_bul * Password: user pw * Initial Path: ../www/staff/daily_bul * Attempts: 1 * Retry Delay: 5 * Download Path: C:\My Computer\WEBPAGES * ADD or SAVE * SHORTCUT * CONNECT o FTP Explorer works alot like Windows Explorer - play with it o Click on link to get sample WEB PAGE o Or click on link to get sample INDEX.HTM

Adding new users to SERVER (6-7 minutes) on LYNX systems

o Logon to ROOT o Run Virtual Terminal o Type the following commands for each new user: > CD /WWW/STAFF > MKDIR "username" (ie. LAWSON_HANK) > ADDUSER "username" > PICO /ETC/PASSWD - Edit "/HOME/username" --> "/WWW/STAFF/username" - NOTE: OwnerID #509 GroupID #515 (ie. LAWSON_HANK:x:own#:grp#::/www/staff/...:/bin/bash) - SAVE & EXIT > CHOWN OwnID# "username" > CHGRP GrpID# "username" > PASSWD "username" password confirm password > CHMOD 755 "username" o Files can be FTP'd into '"username"/' o In order to delete a user and their files: > USERDEL username > RM -RF username