Marshall Clark 4 Miler - Course Description & Course Map

Start: Last set of blue dashed lines (for hurdle placement) before the Common Start/Finish line. (counter clockwise) Run 1.75 laps on the track before exiting into parking parking lot by the tennis courts. (COURSE MONITOR) 0.5 In parking lot at water fountain by tennis courts. Slight downhill for the next 2.5 miles. Take a right to head out to Herriman Ave and out of parking lot. (COURSE MONITOR) Left at Herriman and cross the street when safe. (COURSE MONITOR) Right at Hwy 9. (ARROWS) 1.0 Light pole, north, on corner of Thelma & Hwy 9. 1.5 At the Hwy 9 enterence to the 'Windermere' bldg on Hwy 9 & Blauer. Right at Cox. (ARROWS) 2.0 At the bamboo shoots, just past the driveway, past the corner of Cox & Regan. Right at Cumberland. (ARROWS) 2.5 Front door of 12909 Cumberland. Continue straight thru Via Escuela (ARROWS) Right at Scotland. (COURSE MONITOR) (ARROWS) Right at Glasgow. (ARROWS) 3.0 Storm drain between 19990 Glasgow and house on the corner of Glasgow & Beaumont. Rolling hills for the next 1 mile. Must make up for the downhill at the beginning. Left at Beaumont. (COURSE MONITOR) (ARROWS) Continue straight at Glenbrae (ARROWS) 3.5 Large pine tree at 13731 Beaumont. Right at Herriman. (ARROWS) Cross Herriman when safe. (between 20241 & 20259 Herriman) (ARROWS) Left into Saratoga HS parking lot that runs directly into the track. (COURSE MONITOR) (ARROWS) 330 yards on the track. 4.0 At the 200M start for Lane 1.