Lynx Keyboard Shortcut

Note: This keyboard capture ONLY captures the picture that is being displayed. If the picture is longer then the display terminal (ie a 2 mile race is always a scrollable picture) you will want to use the mouse Right Click and drag the box over the picture you want to export instead. It also does not capture the Evaluation mark for the athlete, whereas the right click drag option does. To activate keyboard shortcut: - Run Lynx - Hold down CTRL + SHIFT and click on file-options (you will now see a whole other list of settings) - Click on the '+' for STRINGS (might have to click on it 2 or 3 times to further expand the menu tree) - Click '+' for MENUBAR - Click '+' for IMAGE - Click on EXPORTBITMAP - The VALUE on the right box will read 'Export...' - Add to that value so that it reads 'Export...,A+K' (note the comma after the 3rd period) - While holding down CTRL + SHIFT hit the OK button - While holding down CTRL + SHIFT exit FinishLynx When you restart FinishLynx and pull up a picture, hitting ALT + K will save the picture that is being displayed on your computer.