Changing Headings

Open the file called en_US.lng with notepad, wordpad, or any other 
text editor, and look for the following entries:


The first one refers to how it is displayed on your screen, the
second to how it displays in printed reports. You should change the
"License" or "Affiliation" to whatever you want it to say instead. 
(Note, you should change only the License that follows the equals 
sign, not the one before the colon.)  I recommend the following:

Strings\Event\Results\Fields\License:String,1=Seed Mark

Strings\Event\Results\Print\Fields\License:String,1=Seed Mark

This file is your US English language file. These files are editable to
allow easy translation of the software into foreign languages, in
case you were curious.

MM:SS.TH Time Formats

There is no way to control the LIF file the way you want. What you can do, however, is control the formatting in Excel. Through much experimentation, I have found that the following CUSTOM number format: [>=1]00":"00.00;[<1]mm:ss.00;Generic TRACK [>=1]#00-00.##;[<1]#00-00.##;Generic FIELD Will accomplish what you desire. A time of 5:12.12 will become 05:12.12, while a time of 9.99 will become 00:09.99. This is really a hack, and what is happening is that numbers without minutes are being converted to a four-digit number plus decimals with a text string ":" after the first two digits, while numbers that come in with minutes will be converted to a time-formula. You won't be able to chart or graph comparisons of times, but they will display the way you want. The field events are entered as 4 digits. Ie. 21'02 is entered as 2102.