Pulling up wrong Start List

If you pull up the wrong event and capture the image before realizing your mistake - you can still evaluate using the correst Start List... > Rich > > Here's my question/problem... I pull up an event in FinishLynx where it > displays everyone who is in that heat in the Start List. Let's say only > 7 of the 8 lanes are supposed to be used. Race is run and we find that > someone runs in lane 8 that was supposed to be in the next heat. Now > this person isn't in the Start List (as was specified in the LYNX.EVT > file) but he does have an athlete ID # (as specified in the LYNX.PPL > file). I evaluate by Lane until I get to this guy so I switch to > evaluate by Athlete ID. I type in his ID number and is says "The result > is not in the start list". So I click OK and it puts in a time but with > no athlete info (name, school, grade, etc) but that info IS part of the > athlete ID #. So how can I get it to use the info from the Athlete ID # > when I choose to evaluate that one person by ID and not by lane? > > You see, if I don't create a Start List then I can evaluate by Athlete > ID and it works OK... but I want to be able to evaluate by either. > > hank Hank, Just this weekend I had two heats 6 athletes in each heat. They then decided at the starting line to combine the 2 heats into one for a heat w/ 12 athletes. So what I did was just snap the image and then take each athlete by lane and evaluate my first start list, then I called up my second start list and evaluated it saved each as the original start list name. When hytek got it back it seeded properly. So moral of the story is you can take an image and then apply other start lists to it. Rich Ok open up a sample image that has a start list. For example Men 100 Meter Dash (1-1-1).evn evaluate it and save it. BUT!!!! Do not close it..... now while looking at that image's start list you should see a group of icons above it. Hold your mouse pointer over each icon, the one on the far left is called create a blank result. Now keep scrolling across those till you come to the icon called load the next event from the schedule and arm it to receive the next start. When you click that it should bring up your next start list in my case it was Men 100 Meter Dash (1-1-2).evn. You will have to make sure though the start list is in your schedule. Give it a try and tell me if you understand what I mean or even give me a call here at 1-800- 989 LYNX. Rich So - you have the image up and the wrong Start List... Save the event (do not close) and above the incorrect Start List you'll see the 3 icons for 'PREVIOUS - GoTo - NEXT event' - click on the GOTO icon and load the event Start List that you want and click OK - the correct Start List will now be pulled up to use for evaluation. It wipes out anything that you previously evaluated which is why you have to SAVE first. When you SAVE a second time, be sure to change the file name. When you SAVE AS the file, be sure the name of the event is what you want it to now be.