RunScore - Creating TXT files of Results

- Establish where your current events RunScore files are - which directory (you already know how to do this) ie. C: (is your local hard drive) C:\RUNSCORE (is where the RunScore software is) C:\RUNSCORE\ART01 (is the current years data you'll be working with) - At the ">" prompt, type: CD C:\RUNSCORE RS ENTRIES ART01 (RS is program, ENTRIES is database, ART01 is directory) Hit RETURN to accept L (for PRINT LISTINGS) 1) Highlite the race you want to print (create a TXT file for) 2) F7 softkey (prints to EDITOR file) 3) F4 softkey (to enter FileName and Path) Note: FileName can be whatever you want with 8 characters or less and ending in ".TXT" (ie. JVGIRL.TXT) and Path (tab over) should be the current race directory (ART01). 4) RETURN to accept 5) F10 softkey (to SAVE the file) 6) ESC (to return to Step #1, repeat #1-6 for all races) ESC (when all done) ESC (to EXIT program) To open up a TXT file that you just created, run NOTEPAD (START/PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/NOTEPAD) FILE/OPEN Now locate the file in C:\RUNSORE\ART01\FileName.TXT Do what you want with it. When done, be sure to close the file. Now you can e-mail the ".TXT" files to whoever wants them and they will be able to put them in any format they want.

To create at HTML file using MSWORD

FILE/OPEN/FileName.TXT FILE/PAGE SETUP - Change L & R margins to .3 - Change to LANDSCAPE EDIT/SELECT ALL - Change FONT size to 9 FILE/SAVE AS HTM/FileName.HTM Now this doesn't line the columns up nicely as you see them in the TXT file but you at least have an HTM file that you can post on the web. You can always send these files to Hank (HANKLAW@IX.NETCOM.COM) or Walt (WALTVZ@AOL.COM) and we will get them in the format needed to look good as an HTM file.

Copy TXT files from hard disc to floppy

While in the current working directory (ie. ART01), type: XCOPY *.TXT a:*.TXT (be sure an empty, formatted floppy is in the drive)