Ultrak operation

When plugging in cable to TOP USB port (COM2), hit cancel on FOUND NEW HARDWARE. Plug stopwatch into cable (snuggly) To view that computer has recognized the watch... START CONTROL PANEL SYSTEM HARDWARE DEVICE MANAGER PORTS USB to UART right click PROPERTIES PORT SETTINGS ADVANCED COM PORT # (should be COM2) OK OK CLOSE OK CLOSE Run DigiLink: SETTINGS / PORT COM2 OK FILE / DOWNLOAD On Watch: Bottom R button (click until UPLOAD ALL or PRINT ALL is displayed) (if PRINT ALL is displayed, click bottom L to change to UPLOAD ALL) Top L to select race to UPLOAD or UPLOAD ALL Click top R to start UPLOAD In DigiLink: BACK YES (to disconnect) FILE / EXPORT / TEXT Save in DigiSport... / RECORD Open 'saved' file EDIT / SELECT ALL COPY CLOSE EXCEL PASTE EDIT / REPLACE / "0:" --> nothing EDIT / REPLACE / "'" --> ":" EDIT / REPLACE / " " --> nothing COPY, from bottom time up, of column "C" PASTE into FIELD+RR time column Left justify SAVE