Alibi List


This list in intended to simplify the problem of selecting the proper alibi to
suit the occasion.  While some athletes are so bad that they don't need an alibi,
most will at some time be in need of some explanation to account for some
performance and this handy check list may prove helpful.

        Ate too much                            ______  Coach took my sweatband
______  I was weak from lack of nourishment     ______  Didn't want to be a show off
______  Not enough time to warm up              ______  Cramp in leg
______  Warmed up too much                      ______  Cramp in _________
______  Not enough sleep                        ______  Chicken
______  Too much sleep                          ______  I thought I was having a heart attack
______  Not enough training                     ______  Got lost
______  Overtrained                             ______  They cut the course
______  Need wheat germ oil                     ______  I thought the race ended
______  Need yogurt                                        after the next trun
______  Not enough weight training              ______  I can't run when I'm behind
______  I don't want to improve too rapidly     ______  I can't run when I'm ahead
______  Started my kick too soon                ______  Too much competition
______  Started my kick too late                ______  Not enough competition
______  Worried about studies                   ______  Too many meets
______  When I saw that _________ was running,  ______  Not enough meets
           I choked up                          ______  Cheap medals
______  I didn't think                          ______  I wanted to see what the
______  I thought too much                                 other place medals were like
______  He cut me off                           ______  Too many people were depending on me
______  I cut him off and thought I was DQ'd    ______  Nobody cared about my effort
______  I'm a mudder and the course was dry     ______  I don't like organized athletics
______  I can't run on a muddy course           ______  I only run for exercise
______  Poor starter                            ______  I run only for fun
______  Poor course                             ______  I didn't feel like running
______  Footing too hard                        ______  I felt great and that's
______  Footing too soft                                  always a bad sign
______  Too hot                                 ______  I couldn't get excited
______  Too cold                                           about the race
______  Too windy                               ______  Looking forward to track
______  Too cloudy                              ______  I can't stand too much success
______  Shin splints                            ______  I have emotional problems
______  Blisters                                ______  I forgot my uniform
______  I don't have any shoes                  ______  Put too much balm on my legs
______  I forgot to bring shoes                 ______  Not enough tape on my feet
______  Fell off my bike and hurt my left leg   ______  My coach reminds me of my
______  Fell off my bike and hurt my right leg             father and I hate them both
______  Too much hill work                      ______  I'm a scholar not an athlete
______  Not enough hill work                    ______  I can't run in the rain
______  Got hit by car                          ______  I just can't run
______  Played too much tough football          ______  Afraid of the hermit
           during the weekend                   ______  Afraid of graveyards
______  I'm affraid of ducks                    ______  Can't run unless I pick up cans
______  I couldn't leave Gertrude               ______  Had poison oak
______  I don't want to miss any classes        ______  Have been sick all season
______  Everyone knows I'm great. Why run?      ______  The girls passing out tabs is a dog
______  Looking forward to XC next year         ______  I couldn't wear my green uniform
______  Crowds make me nervous