XC Goals

When setting goals for yourself, try not to base them on what other people do (or don't do), ie. you say: "I want to beat John Smith" Well, will you be happy beating John Smith if he was sick that day and had a bad race? Or if he has a fantastic race, and so do you, but he crushes you - weren't you still successfull? Instead you should say: "I want to be competitive with John Smith" Then, if on race day, you realize he's not having a good day (or he's having a GREAT day) you'll be able to realize it during the race and then reset your goal. An even better thing to say is: "I want to be competitive with John Smith" and "I want to run such & such a time" Base the goal more on a time or how you feel when you race. Something that is within your control. For you can't control what other runners do or don't do. You should set 3 goals for the season... 1) EASY - one that you know that you can achieve with some work ie. I want to run the whole way in a race Of course don't make the EASY goal a no-brainer. 2) MEDIUM - One that is tough to hard. Should be something that you think will take you all season to achieve. Base it on time. 3) HARD - One that is way out there. Everything would have to be perfect - the course, conditions, your mental state of mind, your shape - EVERYTHING. Like, "I want to qualify for State" or "I want to win State". It's supposed to be hard, that's why it's called a "HARD" goal. Also right down why you're out for Cross Country - think about it and be honest. Put your name on it, date it and either give to me or e-mail to Jake. A sample might be something like the following: What is Cross Country to you? Why did you go out for Cross Country? What do you want out of Cross Country? GOAL SETTING: ------------- Start of season? End of season? (easy - medium - hard) Senior year? (Note: This is good to add for I save these and give them back to you in your Senior year and it's neat to see what you've put down over the years.) ACTION PLAN ----------- This is something you use to help you accomplish your goal(s). It's one thing to have a goal but what is your plan to help you to ACHIEVE your goal ... an Action Plan can help you with this. Click here for a sample ACTION PLAN. TIME MANAGEMENT --------------- Something that is covered alot in the work world. I know you're starting to use it in HS more and more and is a 'must have' technique by the time you reach college. Here is a little cheat sheat that you might find of help.