Forms & Labels for XC Meets

The following meets require forms or labels to be filled out at the meet or in advance. By using Excel and MSWORD and doing a MAIL MERGE using MSWORD, I can easily create these forms & labels with minimal effort. I have put them on the web for you in case you are interested in giving it a go. In the Excel file (ROLLCALL), all information must be entered in the worksheet MAIL_MRG. Div is the Division (VG, VB, etc), Name is obvious (I usually do Last, First), and Grade is actually sex and grade (ie. M-10). I then sort by Division and put a blank line between division breaks (this will force a new page to be printed while using SARAFORM). SARAFORM is what you turn in to the Meet Director who uses it at the end of each race. It has blank columns for finish place & time, and the Mail Merge puts in the Name & Grade. You need to circle the appropriate division at the top of the page and change LYNBROOK to be your school's name. SARALAB3 prints 3 columns of labels per sheet. Use Xerox labels, part # 1-127-036-0 or other labels that are 3 columns of 1"x2.75" in size. I suggest printing both of these templates off to see what they look like before using them. Meets that use the above forms/labels are: Firebird Invite = SARAFORM.DOC Central Park Invite = SARAFORM.DOC Saratoga Center Meet = SARAFORM.DOC Crystal Springs Center Meets = SARAFORM.DOC & SARALAB3.DOC There may also be others but these are ones I know of that do in fact use the above forms. If you have any questions, comments or problems please feel free to contact me at and I'll get back to you. hank