Lynbrook XC Meet Jobs (Coaches & Volunteers)


You are now to send in your roster using the EXCEL file (click here). Please enter using Upper AND lower case letters (ie. Hank Lawson NOT HANK LAWSON) and enter First name Last name - there is an example which I hope is fairly clear. Please email to me two days before the meet (at the latest) by 9:00am. All athletes will be assigned a race # which they are to wear on the front or write on their hand. There will be NO RACE DAY registration. Any last minute changes may be made on the tear off tag and will be corrected after the race is run (later that night) or emailed to me. If you have safety pins, please bring those as well since my supply is limited (if we are are using race #'s). As they exit the chute, either the tear off tag will be removed or the athletes # will be recorded on a sheet of paper (this is the # written on the back of the athletes hand with a SHARPEE).

SCORESHEET (no longer used starting 2006)

It works best if you come to the meet with your SCORESHEET (see below) already filled out with your athletes name & grade. Have a seperate scoresheet for each race division. Once your athlete finishes, have them report to you so you can fill in the scoresheet with their FINISH PLACE. Once you have a completed scoresheet, turn it in to the OTHER Lynbrook Coach (not Hank). Please turn them in after each race, as soon as possible, so that the students can begin the data entry process for results. DO NOT turn them all in at once at the end of the meet.


The # represents which race you are doing (JV, F/S, VG or VB). Needs to be by the Monkey Bars in order to either direct the runners out to the 'Green' for their second 'Green' or to direct them back out towards the main parking lot after they have finished their second 'Green'. Runners are confused at this junction. They have gone back out to the main parking lot after only having done one 'Green', you are there to make sure they have run TWO 'Greens'.


The # represents which race you are doing (JV, F/S, VG or VB). This person is to help at the finish line area as the runners are finishing. Jobs include: - Keeping runners moving thru the chute - Keeping runners in order as they move thru the chute (no passing once finished) - Assiting runners while in chute if needed (this might mean getting their finish tag for them in they are unable to do so) - Being a gopher for Coach Hank

Backup Timer (BT-#)

The # represents which race you are doing (JV, F/S, VG or VB). I will give you a printing stop watch at the beginning of the meet. You must be at the start for all the races to start the watch, then be at the finish line to record everyones time. TURN THE PRINTER ON BEFORE THE FIRST RUNNER COMES IN.


The # represents which race you are doing (JV, F/S, VG or VB). You will be getting a filled out scoresheet from each of the school's coaches that will have the school name at the top of the sheet and the race division. Underneath it will have PLACE, ATHLETE NAME and GRADE IN SCHOOL (don't worry about the time). Type into the corresponding WORKSHEET in the EXCEL file the information that you have been given. All jobs are extremely important. If they are not filled and done the meet will NOT run smoothly. If you are signed up for a job, please report there early and watch the person who is currently doing the job. This way you will know what to do when it is your turn. If you cannot do your job - let someone know ASAP. Don't just be a "No Show" for this sends everyone scrambling. We want to be Proactive, not Reactive. See sample scoresheet below: