Central Park Invitational - Information 2008

The Central Park Invitational will be held on Tuesday, September 23, 2008.  
Only teams from the SCVAL will be invited.  The meet schedule will be as follows:

3:15 PM    F/S Boys (12 entries)           4:30 PM   JV Boys (unlimited)
3:40 PM    Varsity Boys (7 entries)        4:55 PM   JV Girls (unlimited)
4:05 PM    Varsity Girls (7 entries)

Entry & Entry Fee
To facilitate results, please send your roster, separate rosters for girls and boys, in Excel format by the Friday before the meet. Please list last name, then first name, followed by a column with grade (9,10,11,12). Email to: Julie L'Heureux $7 per individual $35 per team $90 minimum fee $130 maximum fee
No team awards will be given this year. Individual awards will be as follows: Varsity Boys - 25 JV Girls - 25 Varsity Girls - 25 JV Boys - 25 F/S Boys - 25 Awards will be given as runners exit the finish chute.
Race Course
The 2.3 mile course will be the same as last year. See attached map. The terrain is flat and consists of grass and asphalt paths.
Rest Room Facilities
There were problems with the restrooms a few years ago that were blamed on the runners. These included tearing the bathroom fixture from the wall and plugging up one of the toilets with a school uniform. The park has asked us to stay away from the restrooms in the main recreation center near Kiley Bl and to use the restrooms near the start; the swimming pool and tennis court restrooms. Please remind the runners to stay away from the rec. center and please keep an eye on your team so that they do not damage the facilities. Also, when you leave the park, please make sure all liter in your team area is picked up. Thank you.
Please park on the side of the park opposite Kiley Bl. This is per the request of the Police Department and the park manager. Parking the school busses in the main parking lot is very disruptive to the normal use of the park. The designated parking area is next to the softball field on which the race will start. From Benton St, turn on White Dr towards the Library and turn right at the next street into the parking lot. From Homestead, turn into the Library Parking lot and follow down to the softball fields or take the street after the Library and proceed to the first or second left turn for the parking lot.
Finish Chute
This year, the runners will receive sticks with their placement and as they exit the chute, their place will be recorded on their team forms (see attached form).
Millikin School
Please tell your runners to avoid the large grass area by Kiley Bl until after 3 PM, as the elementary school located there is in session until 3 PM. If your runners walk the course, please have them avoid that area by cutting the course at the end of the rec. center parking lot. This meet has been sanctioned by CCS. If you have any questions, please call me at (408) 247-9779. Julie L'Heureux Santa Clara Cross Country Coach
Entry Form
SCHOOL ___________________________________ COACH ___________________________________ TEAM INDIVIDUAL RUNNERS DIVISION ($35) ($7.00 PER RUNNER) FEE Frosh/Soph Boys _____ __________ _____ Varsity Boys _____ __________ _____ Varsity Girls _____ __________ _____ JV Girls _____ __________ _____ JV Boys _____ __________ _____ TOTALS: _____ __________ _____ FEES 90.00 Minimum 130.00 Maximum Mail checks payable to the Santa Clara Track Club (school acct) Mail entry form and check to: Julie L'Heureux Cross Country Coach 3374 Princeton Ct Santa Clara, CA 95051