Toro Park Mileage Markers

     1/4 Mile: Around the first bend (stand between the flag pole and the finish).
     1/2 Mile: After the first street crossing. Right before the dirt hill on the other side of the road.
     3/4 Mile: 30 feet after the last sign on the road (left side of road) before the dirt trail.
     1 Mile: Horseshoe pits, fallen log, etc. There is a root sticking out of the hill on your left hand 
             side as you run the course.
     1 1/4 Miles: Right before you cross the creek. About 50 feet before the creek.
     1 1/2 Miles: Right before the finish line. On the turn where you go under the trees.
     1 3/4 Miles: Lowest point between the first and second hills. (On top).
     2 Miles: The last tree on your left after the sharp downhill turns. Where the trail straightens out 
              although you are still going downhill.
     2 1/4 Miles: Tree on right hand side before the last turn that is before the last little hill.
     2 1/2 Miles: On the last loop just a few feet past the middle bridge on your left.
     2 3/4 Miles: Right when you cross the road for the last time.
     3 Miles: 200 feet farther than the current finish line.

     Good luck in training and racing!
     Coach Ibarra
     North Monterey County XC