Each team competing in a cross-country meet usually consits of seven men (unless
otherwise agreed).  The first runner to finish scores one point, second place two points;
third place three points; and so on.  All of the competing runners who finish are ranked
and scored in this manner.  The final team score is ten determined by totaling the points,
lowest total is declared the winner.

     Even though the sixth and seventh runners on a team are not able to post scores for
their own team, these "kickers" can increase the total score of the opposing teams if they
finish ahead of the first five runners of the opposing team.

     In the event a team does not finish at least five men (or the scoring number agreed
upon), the places gained by the few who finish shall not be counted.  For instance,
assume that a man wins the race but is the only man on his team to finish the race.  The
second place runner would then be awarded the first place points and all other runners
would be moved up accordingly when scoring.  If the point total of two or more teams
(five scorers) are equal, the event shall be called a tie.


I am willing to trade some sweat, effort and sacrifice for success. I realize cross-country runners can never achieve perfection, but I will not be satisfied with any race I run. I will always want to do better. I realize there will be periods when I seem to be on a plateau, but I must remember that only work will help me over these plateaus. I further realize that I must work to improve. I will not loaf at any time in practice, for practice makes the runner. The better the practice week, the better my effort should be. I will at no time use profanity, because I realize that profanity is an indication of the lack of knowledge. I will therefore endeavor to occupy my mind with more profitable thoughts. I will make the maximum amount of effort possible in the classroom as well as on the field. I will dress and act in such a manner that the other members of the team will not be ashamed of me. I will be neat, have a hair-cut and shave if need be, every day. I will behave myself on buses to and from the meets, hoping to set an example for everyone to follow. I will be a team man first and last. If I can not be first man, then I want my team to finish first. At the meet, I expect to act like a gentleman and run like a winner, for I know both will bring credit to me, my team, my parents and to my school.