Califonia HS State Meet Video - 1956

Thanks to Jerry Siebert (winner of the 880 in 1956 [1:53.9]) there is a 18:47 video of the HS State Meet (no sound though). Which covers lots of the Track events along with some of the fields. Looks like these were all created from someones 8mm camera of home track movies - a real treasure. There are two AVI versions with the only difference being the size of the file. The LARGE version is 560 MB (about 1/2 GIG, big file but with great resolution). This file also takes about 30 minutes to download with a standard household DSL connection (schools should be faster). The SMALL version is 100 MB which looks good as long as you don't watch in FULL SCREEN mode. This file takes about 4 minutes to download. Use this version. A dirt shot put ring - hmmmm. HJ must have been tough landing in sawdust while doing the Western Roll (some barefoot). Meet was held at Chico HS and they had great spectator support for the races. The Queen of the meet even was wearing a crown. Looks like the 440 & 880 had 16 folks in the final - 2 per lane. PV competitors also landed in saw dust - usually feet first, ouch. For those folks from the CCS area (especially Palo Alto HS), you'll get a kick watching the guys mile finals (last race in the file). It starts at about the 14:52 mark and features Paly Alum Ron Larrieu (brother of Franci Larrieu) winning. He's wearing white shorts and a dark top with a "P" and lightning bolts surrounding it. He starts in lane 3. He sits in 3rd-4th most of the race until the last lap. Ron's winning time is 4:20.1. Also note that some start with a 3 point stance with 2 per lane with a 2-turn stagger. The race is started with the use of a camera flash (since it's night time at this point in the meet). Here are the 100 & 200 finals found on YouTube of Robert Poynter.