Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs Elevation changes (time is for a 20:00 runner):
  Ascent = +391  33.3%   .90 mi  6:39
  Descent= -414  39.8%  1.22 mi  7:58
  Flat   =       26.9%   .83 mi  5:23

Elevation at START   HIGH   LOW   FINISH (click on topo to enlarge)
              773     773   640    750    change of -23 ft

Crystal Springs History Book
Crystal Springs participation #'s thru the years
Crystal Springs Hall Of Fame
Crystal Springs Course Map (Aerial View) and another Aerial View
Map with 1/4 mile markers and another from another perspective
Virtual Tour of Crystal Springs - WMV file (4:35) - Download Video Instructions

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Mitch Kingery Ellon Lyons
Video: 1979 Kinney West (where Ellon Lyons sets her CR), at the end of the video.

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