How to qualify to SCVAL "Qualifier" Meet

This is to help you understand how athletes qualify on from the SCVAL Divisional League meets to the SCVAL Qualifier meet. This information can be found in the SCVAL Track By-Laws. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Hank Lawson or Walt VanZant. - All Varsity marks from the El Camino and DeAnza league finals are merged to determine the top 16 in each event. These competitors will compete in the Qualifier Meet with one exception. The trials mark of a competitor who did not make the finals will be used to displace a top-16 finals mark. However, this rule does not apply if the potentially displaced competitor had a better mark in the trials than the competitor attempting to displace him/her. (see below) - The marks used are from the Finals. If you did not qualify out of the Trials into the Finals then your Trials mark is used. - If you are DQ'd, DNF or DNR at the Finals which you qualified for, then you are done - you're Trials mark may not be used. This includes alternates that could have run at the finals but did not check in - you would be done. - All track times must be FAT or FAT equivelent. Weather conditions are not considered. - You then sort the event based on mark and count off the Top 16 marks. These are your qualifiers for the next meet. - There are no alternates. If someone scratches from the meet then we go with just 15, not 16. Note: Starting with the 2011 season, places 17-20 will be used as alternates. - It is strongly urged to comunicate scratches to the person doing the "Seeding" for the meet for we will always seed, up to 2 days before the meet, with a full 8 lanes of competitors in the second (fast) heat. - Final caviat, and most confusing, on qualifying on. If a non-qualifiers time from the Trials beats a qualifiers time in the Finals, that beat person would still get to qualify before the non-qualifier would - for example... Here is an example. Lawson runs a 17.90 in the DAL trials and VanZant runs 17.91. Lawson makes the finals and then hits a hurdle and DNFs. Van Zant does not make the finals. Since Lawson did not make the top 16 finals list, VanZant is not displacing Lawson and can displace another runner who is on the top 16 finals list. However, if Lawson finished his finals race in say 18.50 and this time was good enough to place in the top 16 of Finals finishers, Van Zant cannot displace him but could potentially displace other competitors. See under BY-LAW DISCUSSION of the 2003 SCVAL Post Meeting for more info: "We also voted that when determining whether a runner beat another runner in the trials for purposes of section 2.1 of Article VI that we would compare trials times."