All NorCal - 1980

All Nor-Cal History

1980               (listed alphabetically)
Name               School          GradeSection
Abshire, Brian     De Anza         Jr   NCS
Bernal, Nelson     Westmont        Sr   CCS
Berry, Tim         Ygnacio Valley  Jr   NCS
Carroll, Dan       Mira Loma       Sr   SJS
Cox, Paul          Los Gatos       Sr   CCS
Dulin, Brian       Leigh           Sr   CCS
Gonzales, Gary     Clovis          Sr   CS
Guarracha, Nash    Hollister       Sr   CCS
Hooker, Sam        Los Lomas       Sr   NCS
Knowles, Rusty     Vacaville       Sr   SJS
Kuphaldt, Harold   Bella Vista     Jr   SJS
McCollum, Mike **  Palo Alto       Sr   CCS
Marden, Jay ***    Mission SJ      Sr   NCS
Naughton, Joe      Fremont (S'vale)Sr   CCS
Rubio, Joe         Willow Glen     Sr   CCS
Shea, Dave **      Castro Valley   Sr   NCS
Smallwood, Shawn   Corcoran        Sr   CS
Torres, Jessie **  Independence    Sr   CCS
Torres, Tito       Hiram Johnson   Sr   SJS
Vanderbush, Dean   Lassen          Sr   NS
Vinton, Roy        Sanger          Jr   CS
Wilson, Aubrey     Berkeley        Sr   NCS

NORCAL RUNNER OF THE YEAR          Jay Marden, Mission SJ
OUTSTANDING SENIOR                 Jay Marden, Mission SJ
OUTSTANDING JUNIOR                 Harold Kuphaldt, Bella Vista
OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORE              Kevin Alison, Anderson & Grant Foster, Monta Vista & Rodney Sellard, Bellarmine
OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN               Shawn Ayers, Bellarmine

Honorable Mention:
Pluth, D           Skyline
Moretti            N Tahoe
Wogsland, S        Mission SJ
Bladorn, Herb      Chico
Lohse, Robert      Hanford
Scattini, Jim      Palma
Ernst, Steve       M Vista
Bratten, Wayne     Vacaville
Ternes, Bill       Jesuit
Whaler, Gary       Placer
Purrington, Jeff   Willow Glen
Foster, Grant      Monta Vista
Hammer, David      San Juan
Ingehart, Kent     Gunn
Salazar, Jeff      Saratoga
Grabowsky, Paul    San Ramon
Stepanisko, Dan    Santa Teresa
Zamczyk, Brad      Homested
Vasquez, Angel     Watsonville
Skinner, Sam       Redwood
Lee, Mike          Bella Vista

                   Girls All NorCal

Berndt, Ester      Gunn            Jr   CCS
Brodie, Susan      St Francis      So   CCS
Brogran, Kerry     Los Altos       Sr   CCS
Carter, Kim        Nova            Fr   NS
Davis, Marilyn     Miramonte       Jr   NCS
Dykstra, Katie     Drake           Jr   NCS
Gaffield, Mary     El Cerrito      Sr   NCS
Haase, Katin       S Tahoe         So   SJS
Hollingworth, LauriPiner           Jr   NCS
Korte, Jennifer    Pleasant Valley So   NS
MacSwain, Robyn    Terra Linda     Jr   NCS
McKeen, Suzette    Cordova         So   SJS
Martin, Renee      Casa Roble      Sr   SJS
Rogers, Cynthia    Mt Whitney      Jr   CS
Shanoff, Lori      Peteluma        Jr   NCS
Sihner, Wendy      Miramonte       So   NCS
Slingerland, JeanetMira Loma       Sr   SJS
Tully, Paige       Alhambra        So   NCS
VanHousen, Linda   Sacred Heart (MPJr   CCS
VanWagenen         Clovis West     Sr   CS
White, Marcia      Miramonte       Sr   NCS
Wright, Meg        Homestead       Sr   CCS

NORCAL RUNNER OF THE YEAR          Lori Shanoff (Peteluma)
OUTSTANDING SENIOR                 Kerry Brogran (Los Altos)
OUTSTANDING JUNIOR                 Lori Shanoff (Peteluma)
OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORE              Paige Tully (Alhambra)
OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN               Kim Carter (Nova)

Honorable Mention:
Ames, Suzie        Homestead
Moore, Tammy       Enterprise
Morse, Mary Ann    Carondelet
Wright, Lori       Pleasant Valley
Silva, Laurie      San Carlos
Wolfe, Karen       Sequoia
Knafelc, Valerie   Carondelet
McAfee, Stacey     Del Oro
Bushling, Laurie   Yuba City
Banales, Mary      South
Cruz, Racquel      Mira Loma
Soto, Michelle     Casa Roble
Manning, Chris     Carondelet
Buckler, Connie    Saratoga
Smith, Judy        Lassen
Kwong, Karen       Homestead
Sterns, Aida       Sck
Choy, Tiffany      Salinas
Morris, Debbie     Los Gatos
Grassi, Lynne      St Francis

The All Northern California Cross Country Honor Team has been sponsored by the
Northern California Track & Field Association since 1962 and by Citizens Savings for the past decade.
Unnofficial selections have been made retroactive back to 1953.

The Selection Committee for this year's team was composed of: Plato Yanicks (Menlo-Atherton) chairman;
Jack Marden (Mission SJ); Bob Wall (Lassen); Terry Ward (St Ignatius); Bruce
Makinson (Nova); Marty Procaccio (Bellarmine); John Coombes (Hollister); Matt
Sommer (Independence); Doug Johnson (Peteluma); Bud Hartel (Anderson); Keith
Conning (Editor NCRR); Don Yosney (reporter).  Combined coaches from each section
had one vote per section.  All coaches were invited to attend.

The area represented was the largest in the history of the selections.  The Central
Section was included for the first time in our selection area making it seven out of 10
sections and as far South as Bakersfield.

Selection Criteria:  Performance throughout the entire season was considered.  Major
emphasis was given to placing in the Nor Cal and Section meets.  Results in Region,
League, Postal, and Invitational meets were studied.  Injury and illness were considered.
The fact that the NCS had 3 major meets in 8 days was also a factor in the selections.

AWARDS: Certificates will be mailed to members of both the boys and girls teams
from Citizens Savings.

*  Indicates number of times selected to the All Northern California Team.

Citizens Bank, ex-sponsor