1981 Kinney (FootLocker) Finals

Charles Alexander (St Christopher's HS, VA) & Harold Kuphaldt (Bella Vista HS, CA)

CTRN results I asked Charles Alexander, the Kinney National Champ, to explain to me what was happening in the video that you are about to view, here are his comments. ed. Kinney 1981, Orlando, FL course- 2 loops of a grass field with sandy patches adjacent to the host Hyatt hotel. There were no hills and no sharp turns. Trees in the center of the field blocked the view of the far side of the loop. Race footage was taken by my father on his 16mm movie camera. Remember this was the age before camcorders. Opening shot includes my coach, Bruce Nystrom, on the right. :25 - the start of the women's race :37 - the 1st 2 women pass by on their 2nd lap heading for the U-turn finish :54 - the women's winner, Connie Robinson, finishes 1:02 - We do some warm-up strides before the biggest race of our lives. I'm feeling good despite having spent the day before walking all over Disneyworld. 1:16 - The men's start was wide and straight ahead. We all had an excellent chance to position ourselves into the lead pack. The first lap was spent determining who would be in the lead pack. I kept out of trouble and kept out of the lead. 1:30 - The group passes by on the 1st loop. The lead group is down to about 8. I'm tucked in on the far side feeling good and am waiting to see what happens. The group held together on most of the 2nd loop then Harold Kuphaldt, probably the pre-race favorite from Sacramento, CA (Bella Vista HS) makes a strong move into the lead as we head back to the start/finish area. Feeling this is make or break time I follow suit. 1:37 - Harold and I pass by on the 2nd loop heading for the U-turn finish. We are free and clear of the field. Harold is driving hard, but the crowd is cheering and I'm not going to give up. 1:45 - We go out of view on the U-turn. This where I turned on the jets and gained the advantage you see next. The only thing wrong with this scene is that I have no jets and never did. Harold, on the other hand, has jets. He ran a 4:06 mile later that school year. I have no recollection of that 10 secs. where I ran on instincts and showed I really wanted it. 1:53 - The finish straight. Somehow, I make it look easy. 2:08 - I'm being carried away by my coach (left) and another Virginia coach. 2:17 - post race interviews 2:29 - group photo of men's field 2:45 - photo of Connie and I in the very stylish Kinney warm-up suits. 2:50 - My coach gets interviewed. 3:10 - group photo of men and women 3:17 - waving for local TV show More interviews. 3:50 - Harold being interviewed. 4:02 - The 3 finalists from Richmond, VA Huron Jackson, Diane Terry and I on a cool down. Three from the same town...must be a record! Kinney Nationals - WMV file (4:05) - Download Video Instructions 1981 Results