Crystal Springs schedule, dated 08/19/04.
Crystal Springs Newsletter - 2004
Crystal Springs INVOICE - 2004 version

Dear Race Directors and Commissioners,
Attached is the 2004 Crystal Springs Newsletter and schedule with the Rules and Regulations for 2004.
Also attached is the Invoice for this years races.
I want to emphasize that it is the Race Directors responsibility to inform all the schools and coaches of the schools as to the
rules of the course.  It is extremely important that the coaches inform their bus drivers concerning double parking to load and
unload.  If bus drivers double park on Hallmark Drive they will be subject to receiving a ticket by the Belmont Police.  That school
will also be subject to loosing the privilege of competing on Crystal Springs Cross Country Course. 
We have had increasing pressure from the home owners in that area concerning the buses and also cars blocking driveways and
the area at the gate opening on Hallmark.
Coaches should inform their teams to tell parents and friends of the above rules.
With the increasing demand to use Crystal Springs more pressure is placed on the neighborhood.  Please help by
communicating this information on to coaches.
If you have any questions please contact me as soon as possible.
Bob Rush
Crystal Springs Course Coordinator 

2004 Crystal Springs Schedule

CRYSTAL SPRINGS CROSS COUNTRY COURSE 2004 DATE DAY Time RACE NAME RACE DIRECTOR SEPTEMBER 9/1 Wednesday 1:00 Cal St Hayward Greg Ryan 510-885-3093 9/2 Thursday 4:00 Serra-HMB Will McCarthy 345-0991 9/4 Saturday 9:00 Bronco Invitational Tom Service-Santa Clara U.408-896-3687 9/7 Tuesday 4:00 El Cheepo Will McCarthy 345-0991 9/15 Wednesday 4:00 CSUS The Relay Jamboree Al Caruana Crystal Springs Uplands 9/22 Wednesday 4:00 Sacred Heart Cathedral Andy Chan (415)420-7149 9/24 Friday 2:00Pm Cal Pac Preview Jesse Torres 9/28 Tuesday 6:15 PM Team Sheeper Joan Ellison 323 8215 9/30 Thursday 3:00 PAL Intro Jim Hume OCTOBER 10/5 Tuesday tba SCVAL Invite Sam Reed 10/7 Thursday 3:15 PAL Intro Jim Hume 10/9 Saturday 9:00 ###Serra Invitational Will McCarthy 10/10 Sunday 4:00 BHCIA Fun Run Joan Bentner 10/11 Monday 4:00 Sacred Heart CatPractice Andy Chan 10/12 Tuesday 3:00 Aragon-Westmoor Bill Daskarolis 10/13 Wednesday 4:00 ISAL-GISAL Al Caruana Crystal Springs Upland 10/14 Thursday 3:15 ##Center Meet 10/15 Wednesday 3:15 BCL Tri Al Caruana Crystal Springs Upland 10/15 Wednesday 9:00am Notre Dame Inv. Jesse Torres NDNU 508-3772 10/16 Saturday 4:00 PM Crystal Springs Inv. Joe Mangan CSM 574-6448 10/19 Tuesday 4:00 WBAL Bill Heilman 10/20 Wednesday 4:00 Cunha Inv Howard Clemente 10/21 Thursday 3:15 ##Center Meet 10/26 Tuesday 3:00 ISAL-GISAL Al Caruana Crystal Springs Upland 10/27 Wednesday 4:00 BCI Tri Dave Robertson CSUS 10/28 Thursday 3:15 #3 Center Meet 10/29 Friday 9:00:00a AMCal Pac Championships Jesse Torres 10/30 Saturday 9:00 AM West Coast Conf. Bob Rush 595-3619 NOVEMBER 11/1 Monday 12:30 ###BVAL Barbara Beard 408-265-5409 11/2 Tuesday 2:00 ###SCVAL Paul Armstrong 408-244-6431 & Paul Jones 650-329-0426 11/3 Wednesday 2:00 #WCAL/GPSL John Mulkerrins SI 11/4 Thursday 1:00 ##PAL Jim Hume 11/5 Friday 3:30 CSUS-Cuhna Al Caruana 11/6 Saturday 12:00 NorCal Championships Joe Mangan-CSM 11/13 Saturday 9:00 ADAL Howard Clemente 369-3258 11/13 Saturday 12:00 Crystal Springs Challenge John McGuire Cross Country Teams should not come to Crystal Springs and practice on days that races are scheduled. Revised 8/19/04 Key: #=large meet ##=extra large meet ###=very large meet Call if there any changes or omissions Bob Rush 116 Wycombe Avenue San Carlos CA 94070-1843 Phone/FAX 650-595-3619 Mobile Number (415)730-8299 E-Mail

All schools that compete on the Crystal Springs Cross Country Course will be charged a flat rate of $15.00 per school per competition. , if 5 or more runner compete for the school. If the school has less than 5 runners, the charge will be $5.00 per school. It is the race directors responsibility to collect the fees and forward them in one lump sum to: Gary Dilley, AD College of San Mateo 1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd. San Mateo CA 944Race directors of large races should be prepared to pay the Belmont Police Dept for officiers on traffic patrol