Lynbrook HS - Update #2

August 1st, 2006
Hello All,
Have you been running? I had been, and so have an additional 10 or so kids that will be running for Lynbrook next Fall. Team SCVAL (Coaches & Teachers) came away with a win in the 29th Annual Corporate Track Championships so we're National Champs once again (this was a "4-Peat"). I survived with a 23:00 5K and promptly injured myself so I'm done running for the time. Right now we're doing fun runs for ANYONE every Mon & Wed at 5:30 at Lynbrook (meet in front of the pool). X-C training starts on Aug. 14th at 9:00 (we meet at the Football shed by the Field House). We'll start off with an easy 3 miles that day and then work our way up from there. For those doing the 300 Mile Club (I do believe there are a couple of you) we'll have you do a longer workout (minimum of 5 miles). This year everyone is required to pay a "Transportation/Competition" fee of $50. With the loss of District dollars coming into the sports program, it needs to be made up so that we can continue to compete. I'm also encouraging everyone to sign up for the Escrip program. What you will get with the fee is:

XC Shirt
Busses to selected meets
Pasta Parties / Meet Snacks
Entry into Meets

More information on the "Transportation/Competition" fee will be presented at the Parent Meeting which will be on Sept 6th at 7:00 in the Library. The CHECKLIST (on the other side of this letter) will need to be completed before you can compete for Lynbrook - get a start on it now. You can get more info by going to the Web page (URL at the bottom). You MUST have your HEALTH CARD in before you can train with the team. Coaches Missy & Mandy will be back to help me out. On Sat Aug 26th will be the 4th Annual Marshal Clark 4 Miler which I want you to either sign up and run or to help out with. We expect some great things from you runners this year - and we have great things planned, recruit your friends to join the team. We'll be going to Hawaii this year as our trip (14 kids only). Alot on who goes to Hawaii depends on the shape you're in (so come run with us), your commitment to the Lynbrook XC program (so come run with us) and how well you do at the Lynbrook Center Meet (so come run with us). Cost will be $100-150 for four days. Figure out when you'd like to Host a Pasta Party (we do one the night before all meets) or bring snacks to a meet.

Please share this letter with your parents. A few words about running/racing shoes: Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get by for as little as $50 or as much as $140. Most important, a good pair of training shoes with good absorption and arch support if the foot so needs it. I strongly recommend that you buy your shoes at a reputable running store, such as MetroSport in the Oaks (across from De Anza JC) or Ryan's Sport Shop (Homestead & Lafayette near SC University). These stores have knowledgeable staff that will help you find the right shoe for you and let you try it out before you buy. The shoe may also double as a racing flat but will be heavier than if you were to buy a separate racing shoe. A good training flat will run you about $50 but both Metrosport and Ryan's Sport Shop will give you a 10-20% discount if you tell them you run for Lynbrook. Make sure the fit is comfy with toe room. A racing flat will be many ounces lighter and make you feel like you're flying when you put them on, but it's also another $60. Your choice.

Hank Lawson (408) 446-9063 hm (408) 460-6785 cell HANKLAW@IX.NETCOM.COM
Missy Sudan (408) 973-9519 hm (408) 832-3380 cell
Mandy Benham (408) 480-1353 cell - click on PRE-SEASON CHECKLIST (on the left of web page)