Lynbrook/Homestead Invite & FUHSD Championships Scrimmage (Meet Filled)

12th Annual (once again) Local (Loco) Lynbrook/Homestead Invitational & FUHSD Championships Where: Homestead High School When: Oct 26, 2006 (Thursday) Why: To run something flat & fast before League Meets AND: This will also double as the FUHSD Championships Time Schedule: F/S Boys 3:30 (enter 10 max, but only 7 count) Varsity Boys 3:55 (enter 7 max) Varsity Girls 4:15 (enter 7 max) JV Boys 4:40 (unlimitted, but only 7 count) JV Girls 5:05 (unlimitted, but only 7 count) Note: Must enter Varsity team before entering JV team. Exceptions to limits may be made by Meet Mgmnt. Awards: None Cost: None Schools Invited: Lynbrook - Y Saratoga - Y Wilcox - Y Santa Clara - Y Cupertino - Y Fremont - Y Monta Vista - Y Homestead - Y Course: This is a flat and fast 2.35 mile course run on the Homestead campus. It starts on the grass and finishes on the track (see map on reverse side). Results: Available race day (with your help, of course) and will be available on the web the next day. You MUST turn in your roster in Excel file the day before the meet. Click here for more info. Information: Call Hank Lawson at (408) 446-9063 (cell 408 460-6785) NOT SANCTIONED by the CCS. Records: Boys Girls (Lynbrook Course) TEAMS MONTA VISTA 54:39 '04 MONTA VISTA 63:29 '05 Sr Girmay Guangul (SC) 10:24 '99 Alicia Follmar (S'toga) 11:38 '04 Jr Kevin Schneider (Fre) 10:27 '04 Alicia Follmar (S'toga) 11:50 '03 So Kindu Ejigu (SC) 10:52 '05 Julianne Hansen(Cup) 12:20 '04 Fr Ian Laform (MV) 11:09 '02 Jean Feng (MV) 12:02 '05 MS Luca Signore (Miller)11:36 '05 Katie Nast (Redwood)12:32 '04 TEAMS UNION 62:44 '04 BLACH 68:52 '05