SCVAL Cluster Meet #3 (10/17/17) @ Baylands
SCVAL Cluster Meet #3 (10/17/17) @ Baylands (3.1 miles) VB Results Course Map - - Records: Boys/Team - Girls/Team
Race Instructions/Expectations Coaches, Shown at the end of this e-mail is the schedule for our third SCVAL meet on 10/17/17 along with the job assignments for the coaches. I've also enclosed a map of the course. Remember. The entry fee for cars is $6 per car. Buses must pay $20 if they intend to stay onsite during the meet. Pairs of portable garbage and bottle & can recyling containers will be made available for our use near the finish line and near wherever I notice that the teams have camped. All litter should be picked up by the various teams or I will have to do so after you leave. Also, it would be nice if you would bring the portable garbage containers back to the area opposite the finish line and near the road at the end of the meet. I will dump these portables into large bins at the conclusion of the meet. Do your best to not use the trash cans at the park. Stick with the portable garbage containers. We have to pay $258 to a Sunnyvale employee to supervise me. So, if he/she gives you a reasonable order, please comply. When I met with the Sunnyvale environmental lady, I was told that the city of Sunnyvale had a new concern this year regarding loose trash, especially plastic, and required me to write a report about how we would take care of this potential problem throughout the meet. My report noted that the coaches and their helpers would be vigilant throughout the meet in looking for loose trash that might blow toward the bay and would immediately pick up this loose trash. Vehicles are not allowed off the asphalt roadways or parking lot areas. This includes deliveries and set-up/tear-down vehicles. This order was emphatically stressed to me by the park supervisor. No stakes are allowed to be driven into the ground. No tents are allowed as per the fire marshall. No samall flags may be placed on the course to help guide the runners. Portable toilets will be provided for our use at a cost of $600. They will be located near the finish line. Regular toilet facilities are located at the park. I'm not sure that we should be using them. However, coaches should check them every now and then to verify that we are not making a mess of them. I will check these bathrooms at the end of the meet, as I've done in past years, to insure that they are debris free. Meet Schedule 3:15PM Varsity Boys (7 runners per team) 3:40PM Varsity Girls (7 runners per team) 4:10PM Varsity B Boys (unlimited # of entrants) 4:40PM Varsity B Girls (Unlimited # of entrants) 5:15PM Frosh/Soph Boys (unlimited number of entrants) Walt Van Zant Duties For The Meet (2016 duties) Starter - Santa Clara Backup Timers - Gunn & Cupertino (Hank Lawson will explain your jobs to you) Tag Pullers - Mt. View & Fremont Finish-Line Judges - Palo Alto & Wilcox Chute Management - Milpitas & Homestead Timing/Scoring - Lawson Distribute #s - Wilcox Set Up Course - Saratoga & Lynbrook Lead Bicyclist - Wilcox (Dan Orem) Turn Directors Point A - Runners pass 3 times (Monta Vista) Point C - Runners pass 3 times (Los Altos) Point D - Runners pass 4 times (last time just before sprinting for finish) (Wilcox) Point E - Runners pass 2 times (Los Gatos) Point F - Runners pass 1 time (Saratoga) N.B. If any school has a parent that they have complete confidence in, please let me know as I am not sure that my parents have sufficient experience for some of the duties.