5th Annual Marshall Clark 4 Miler - 08/25/07

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(2005) results - 08/27/05

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Hari Iyer had won the Marshall Clark 4 miler in all of the 'odd' years and took
second during the 'even' years - would this trend continue?  His main competition 
was Lance Wolfsmith (Sobrato) and the two of them made it a race, covering the first
downhill mile at a 4:55 clocking.  Going through two miles at 9:49 (4:54) they were
still both together.  At this point Iyer was getting concerned that the fast pace
wasn't going to be enough to drop Wolfsmith so during the third uphill mile (15:07/5:18)
Hari started throwing in a couple a small surges.  Just past the third mile was the
first hill of any consequence which Iyer pushed.  He then realized that he could no 
longer feel or hear Wolfsmith and was finally able to relax and concentrate on the
last part of the race.  Hari established a new Course Record (20:30.7) which he hasn't
held since winning the innagural race back in 2003.  Two days later he headed off to 
Dartmouth for their pre-season XC training - I'd say he's ready.  Second place was
Lance Wolfsmith (Sobrato) with a 21:10 final time and an Age Group Course Record. 

The women's race had three-time winner Alicia Follmar and newly transfered standout
Rebecca Habtamu going at it.  Follmar just finished a fantastic track season at Stanford
with a 4:38 equivelant in the 1500 and Habtamu was last years NorCal Junior XC runner
of the year.  Follmar took the race out at 5:45 for the first mile.  She continued to
lengthen her lead and finished with a 50 second win over Habtamu.  Follmar's time was
23:31 (off of her CR of 23:12).  Habtamu (Prospect) ran 24:20 while listening to her radio.
It will be interesting to see what this young lady can do this XC season.

Age Group Course Records were established by Dustin Benton (26:29.8 12 & under) and
Jim Bordoni (25:01.5 50-59) for a total of four new course records for the day.
The race had a record high 133 registered runners with 130 finishers, a 97%
finisher rate.  The race went off without a hitch thanks to the many volunteers
and course monitors (many of whom were 'high 5ing' the runners as they went by).  
Throughout the pack, it is obvious that this race is getting faster and bigger
with every passing year.  See you in 2008.

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