Lynbrook High School - Track '22

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'22 TRACK (
Last Season (2021 Track)

El Camino Dual Meets      DAL Dual Meets            Timing Calendar & Timers
Top CCS Marks Top State Marks Top NorCal Marks Top CCS Marks (2021)

================ MEET INFORMATION =================

CCS Top 8 (Apr 22)

Last Chance Invite (Apr 16)

Knights Invite (Soquel) (Apr 16)

De Anza/Cupertino Invite (Apr 9)

King City Inv (Apr 9)

O'Condon Invite (Apr 8)

Quicksilver (Apr 2)

FireBird Relays (Mar 26)

Avis Kelley Invite (Mar 26)

TKA Distance Carnival (Mar 25)

Garlic Classic (Mar 19)

St Francis Inv (Mar 19)

TKA Invitational (Mar 12)

Hillsdale Knight Relays (Mar 12)

K-Bell (Mar 12)

Wildcat Relays (Mar 12)

RustBuster Invite (Mar 5) {T-shirt design}

Willow Glen Inv (Mar 5)

Watsonville Winter Time Trials (Feb 25)

Gilroy Distance Scrimmage (Feb 18)

2021 XC: Still looking for 2021 XC results?

================ ARTICLES & MISC =================

SCVAL Pre-season Track Meeting: is Tuesday, January 25th at 4:30pm via Zoom call - Join Zoom Meeting If you have anything you would like to put on the agenda, please email Julie by Friday, January 15.

Pole Vaulting in the 60's. Gotta love the landing pit.

Rob Collins (SLV) - GoFundMe: Hello Coaches - I just donated to this GoFundMe, Would you be interested in supporting it too? Many of you know Rob Collins from his many years coaching XC and Track at SLV. He has help many young people achieve success in both sports as many of us do in our coaching efforts. Several years ago Rob and his wife Carmen moved to Colorado to be near their Children and Grand Children. Carmen had been diagnosed with a recurrence of Cancer. The outlook did not look positive and this prompted their move. After a battle fighting this disease Carmen past away. While Robís insurance covered much of the bills Rob now is facing those not covered. During the time I have known Rob to make ends meet he work 2 to 3 jobs to make ends meet. He still is doing so trying to cover the bills. Now that we have celebrated and share happy times with our family and friends if you can please visit Robís Go Fund Me page! It was set up by one of his family friends Deirdre Carroll. Even a small donation could help reach the fundraising goal of 10,000. So far it just over half to the goal . And if you can't make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word to those in your circle who knew Rob and Carmen. Thanks for taking a look and Lets help make Robís 2022 a little bright in this difficult time for him. Frank Hunt XC and Track Distance Coach Aragon High School

Time Fudging? An age old concept to get your athletes into an Elite Invite. Article from 1977.

===== RESULTS =====

Berkeley AC#2 (Feb 19)
Berkeley AC#1 (Jan 29)

Los Gatos AC#3 (Feb 12) Tentative
Los Gatos AC#2 (Feb 5) Tentative
Los Gatos AC#1 (Jan 29) Tentative

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 : Coaches :

Bernie Ramos - Head Coach (408) 836-7669

Luca Signore - Distance Coach

XC & Track Web-Master: Hank Lawson

cell: (408) 460-6785
Past & Current Coaches/Alumni

Hank (Radar Timing Services) is timing events in this color
Todd Bystrom (Mt View HS) FastTimes is timing events in this color
Curtis Liang () is timing events in this color
Other Timers:
Mark McConnell (Soquel HS)
Sean Laughlin (Record Timing)
Aliya Dibrell (Adkins Trak West)
Aaron Ford (Ford Timing)
Shannon Sos (Diablo Timing)
Bernard Stephens
Ral Powers Ralph Powers Timing
Huy Nguyen (Lincoln HS & TFMeets)
Brad Lindemann (Bellarmine HS & FastTimes Timing)
Liz Guy (Saratoga HS), only TRACK meets - Lynx timing only
Mitch Taylor (BVAL)