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Last Season (2020 XC)

Crystal Springs Schedule

Crystal Springs All-Time List

"Possible" Crystal Springs Schedule for 2022 (not official)

All-CCS Team: Runner & Senior of the Year - Aidan Dimick, Junior of the Year - Justin Pretre, Soph of the Year - Grant Morgenfeld, Frosh of the Year - Landon Pretre, Runner & Senior of the Year - Bella Peretti, Junior of the Year - Elizabeth Fetter, Soph of the Year - Ashlyn Boothby, Frosh of the Year - Kylie Hoornaert

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CCS Team Rankings (11/14)              State Rankings (09/29)         NorCal Rankings (09/27)
CCS Individual (12/01)                 National Rankings 
SJS   Rankings (11/03)                 NCS   Rankings (10/19)

CCS Time Comparisons (11/08) - Top Crystal and/or Toro Times (search By Course) - Master Excel File
Timing Calendar & Timers

================ MEET INFORMATION =================

State Information - State Entries (11/27)

CCS Finals @ Crystal (11/13) - Prediction - Preview

PAL Finals (11/06)
WBAL Finals (11/05)
PSAL Finals (11/04)
WCAL Finals (11/03)
SCVAL Finals (11/02)
BVAL Finals (11/01)

SCVAL#3 (Baylands-10/19) - Invoice
SCVAL#2 (Crystal-10/05)
SCVAL#1 (Baylands-9/21)

Lynbrook Invite/FUHSD Champs (10/28): Records/Map/Description

Palo Alto City Champs (10/27)

WBAL#2 @ Baylands (10/21)

WBAL-MS Finals @ Crystal (10/12)

PSAL Meet @ Crystal (10/07)

Crystal Springs Invite (10/02)

Artichoke Invite (10/02)

RAM Invite (9/25) - Race Assignments

Lynbrook Center @ Lynbrook HS (9/07): Map

Gunn/Paly/St Francis @ Gunn (9/01) / Meet Pictures

FireBird Invite (8/31): Course Map

JC Crystal Springs EarlyBird (8/27)

2021 Track: Still looking for 2021 Track results (GWI, NBNO,...).

================ ARTICLES & MISC =================

Observations from League Fianls week at Crystal Springs and CCS Finals. Click here.

CCS All-Time Team Champions. Listing here.

Then and Now. What the Crystal Springs Finish sign looked like in 1986 when it was first installed (gray with brown lettering) and what it looks like today (brown with yellow lettering). No idea when the sign was re-painted to it's new colors, anyone know?

New XC Course in Carmel: Palo Corona Park.

Lynbrook Alum Justin Robison (and family) celebrate Wake Forest finishing 10th place in the NCAA XC Finals in Tallahassee, FL on Saturday. Justin ran 30:28.0 and was 5th man for Wake Forest. Results here.

It was a good day for the Wilcox Charger boys. At the start line set to go, then winning the CCS GPA award for guys and finally getting their ticket to States with a 2nd place finish.

Jake White (Lynbrook coach): The coaching community looses another one - Peace Be With You. Slide Show & Rain Run & Hula Dance & MBI Dance-off. Jake Memories. The Epic's tribute to Jake. Jake (2:39:37) & Walt VZ (2:57:18) in the Sonoma State & Livermore Marathons.

San Mateo Daily Journal: Crystal Springs Cross-Country: Keep it Running.

San Mateo Daily Journal: Use Of Popular Crystal Springs Cross-Country Course Gets Support From Belmont.

Scot Scoop: Belmont citizens run to save Crystal Springs Cross Country Course.

BHCIA (Oct 27): Threatens another treasured local resource.

SFPUC (Crystal Springs): The San Francisco PUC still has an issue with the Crystal Springs arrangement they have with SMCCCD and want the SMCCCD and the BHCIA to come to an agreement by the end of the year that both sides agree to. No Finish Line in Sight... follow-up article.

SMCCCD Agenda & Crystal Springs XC course resolution (Sept 9) - Number of meets: 20-25; total meets not to exceed 25, Large meets (defined as any meet with an athlete participation rate of over 1,000): 3-5 annually, not to exceed 5. The race organizers and the District will explore the option of using alternative entrance points, Saturday Meets: Not to exceed 5 annually. The San Mateo Daily Journal article.

SMCCCD Agenda (Aug 25) - Crystal Springs course: Crystal Springs packet (pages 133-136). August 25 - minutes. Hi all, Please share broadly with the Cross Country community as this is critical for the continuation of meets on the facility. The SMCCCD engaged in a mediation exercise between the Belmont Homeowners Association and a few representatives of the XC community to find a resolution involving the number and magnitude of the meets. The mediator could not bridge that gap, so it will now be up to our Board of Trustees to make a final determination. On August 25th at 6:00 pm (Crystal at 6:40), the SMCCCD Board will hear public comments to make a final determination and it is incumbent upon the XC community to represent their interests and the interests of all students who race on that course to ensure operations can continue to take place. Again, please share this broadly to ensure your voices are heard. You can find the Zoom link on the following page. Thanks, Andreas Wolf Dean/Athletic Director College of San Mateo 1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd. San Mateo, CA. 94402 650-574-6462

San Mateo Daily Journal: Future of Crystal Springs Cross Country Course to be decided soon.

Crystal Springs Schedule (as of 09/02): The Crystal Springs Handbook. Current Policy & Rules.

SCVAL Post-season meeting: Nov 15th, 6:00 pm via Zoom. Zoom link here. Send any agenda items to Paul Armstrong & Stephanie MacKenzie.

Status of Crystal Course Condition for League Meets (updated 11/04, Thursday)

Bill Daskarolis (Aragon) passes, RIP Coach.

Garin XC Challenge results (PA-USATF)

Crystal Springs Cleanup Crews: Thanks everyone for helping out.

SCVAL Pre-season meeting: Aug 18th, 5:30 pm via Zoom. Zoom link here. Send any agenda items, by August 17th, to Paul Armstrong.

Baby Buggy Record (Guiness): I like to bring this one out now and then. Baby Buggy Roster / Joe Fabris (MP) got his mug in the paper on our way to the record. / Dan Cruz running a leg. / Hand-off, Paul Sechrist to Joe Fabris.

NFHS Rule changes: for the 2021-2022 seasons for Cross-Country & Track.

Belmont Heights: Some history on how XC races have affected the Homeowners in Belmont Heights for the last 40 or so years. Participation at Crystal Springs over the years.

===== RESULTS =====

NxR California

State Finals (CCS athletes)

SS Finals
SDS Finals
NCS Finals
LA Finals
CS Finals
Oakland Finals
SF Finals
CCS Finals / Pictures
SJS Finals
NS Finals

PCAL Finals@Toro(10/30)
BVAL Finals@CS(11/01)
SCVAL Finals@CS(11/02) - Pictures
WCAL Finals@CS(11/03) - Pictures
PSAL Finals@CS(11/04)
SCCAL Finals@Pinto(11/04)
WBAL Finals@CS(11/05)
PAL Finals@CS(11/06)

Lynbrook Inv/FUHSD Champs


Palo Alto City Meet - Meet Pics

PAL#3 (Crystal)-CANCELLED,rain
PAL#2 (Bayfront)

WBAL#2 (Baylands)
WBAL#1 (Crystal)

WCAL#2 (Baylands)

SCVAL#3 (Baylands)
SCVAL#2 (Crystal) - Pictures
SCVAL#1 (Baylands) - Pictures

ADAL Finals(@Gunn)
ADAL Inv (@Crystal)
WVAL#4@EDS - Course Map
WVAL#3@CTE - Course Map
WVAL#2@JD-Morgan - Course Map
WVAL#1@Fisher - Course Map - Rules

Terry Ward Invite


CSM (JC) Invite (Crystal)

PSAL#1 (Crystal)

Artichoke Invitational

Serra-Crystal Springs Invite

RAM Invite

DeLaSalle Invite

Ed Sias Invite

Lowell Invite - Pictures

MV Mustang Inv

Lynbrook Center Meet

Serra Jamboree

Firebird Invite

JC Crystal Springs EarlyBird

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