Lynbrook High School - Cross Country - 2018

Since June 1, 2018:
(Past rec=235,392 in '09 Track)
(Past XC rec=161,694 in '09)

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Last Season (2017 XC)

"It's What We Do" by Stephanie Claussen, Class of '01.

CCS   Rankings & Indiv (09/19)         State Rankings                 NorCal Rankings
NCS   Rankings                         National Rankings 
SJS   Rankings                         North Section     

SCVAL Cup Information
2017 SCVAL Cup Standings (thru SCVAL#3-FINAL)

CCS Time Comparisons (09/19) - Top Crystal and/or Toro Times (search By Course) -
Timing Calendar & Timers

================ MEET INFORMATION =================

Ken Thomas 'KT' Memorial (Oct 20)

EarlyBird Summary
EarlyBird Meet Preview
Earlybird (Salinas) Sept 15

Crystal Springs Invite (Oct 6)

Lowell Invite-Entries/Notes & Information (Sept 8)

SCVAL#2 @ Crystal Springs (Oct 2) - Meet Invoice
SCVAL#1 @ Lynbrook HS (Sept 25)

SCVAL Pre-season meeting: Aug 16th, 5:30 pm at Monta Vista HS Library. Handouts from Kirk, #1 and #2.

Rule changes for 2018-2019 (XC & Track)

Lynbrook Center Meet (Sept 10): Records/Map1/Map2

Aragon Crystal Springs Center Meets (Oct 3 & 18)

RAM Invite (HS) Sept 29
RAM Invite (Jr Hi)

Chieftain Invite (Sept 8)

Pacific Grove Invite (Oct 6)

Jackie Henderson Memorial Invite (@ NMC HS) Oct 6

Crystal Springs Schedule (as of 08/xx/18): The Crystal Springs Handbook. Current Policy & Rules.

2018 Track: Still looking for 2018 Track results (GWI, NBNO,...).

===== RESULTS =====



Earlybird Invite

Iolani Invite Phots (all)
Iolani Invite Phots (Blackburn)

Lynbrook Center Meet

Stevenson Invite

Lowell Invite
Lowell Invite(PDF version)
Lowell Meet Pictures

Gunn Alumni meet pix

Lynbrook Time Trial

Dougherty Valley Time Trial

Dammit Run


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