Lynbrook High School - Cross Country - 2018

Since June 1, 2018:
(Past rec=235,392 in '09 Track)
(Past XC rec=161,694 in '09)

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Last Season (2017 XC)

"It's What We Do" by Stephanie Claussen, Class of '01.

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SCVAL Cup Information
2017 SCVAL Cup Standings (thru SCVAL#3-FINAL)

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================ MEET INFORMATION =================

Rule changes for 2018-2019 (XC & Track)

SCVAL Pre-season meeting: Aug 16th, 5:30 pm at Monta Vista HS Library.

Lynbrook Cntr Meet: Records/Map1/Map2

Aragon Crystal Springs Center Meets

RAM Invite (HS)
RAM Invite (Jr Hi)

Chieftain Invite

Pacific Grove Invite

Jackie Henderson Memorial Invite (@ NMC HS)

Earlybird (Salinas)

Crystal Springs Schedule (as of 08/xx/18): The Crystal Springs Handbook. Current Policy & Rules.

2018 Track: Still looking for 2018 Track results (GWI, NBNO,...).

===== RESULTS =====

Dougherty Valley Time Trial

Dammit Run


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Hank (Radar Timing Services) is timing events in this color
A timer hasn't been assigned to events in this color
Other Timers:
Mark McConnell (Soquel HS)
Sean Laughlin (Record Timing)
Aliya Dibrell (Adkins Trak West)
Ral Powers Ralph Powers Timing
Huy Nguyen (Lincoln HS & TFMeets)
Todd Bystrom (Mt View HS)
Brad Lindemann (Bellarmine HS & FastTimes Timing)