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'23 TRACK (
Last Season (2022 Track)

Landon Pretre (Menlo) just broke Brett Gotcher's (Aptos) 23 year old record in the 2 mile (yes I convert) for 15 year olds in CCS. His 9:07.06 --> 9:10.25 surpasses Brett's 9:14.53. The Sophomore class record is 50 years old, held by Mitch Kingrey (San Carlos) with a 9:09.54 standard.

Live Results - Santa Clara @ Monta Vista

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================ MEET INFORMATION =================

CCS Top 8 - Meet Records thru 2019
CCS Top 8 (Apr 21)

Last Chance Invite @ Mt View HS (Apr 15)

O'Condon Invite (Apr 14)

De Anza/Cupertino Invite (Apr 8)

Pacific Grove Inv entries
53rd Pacific Grove Inv info (Apr 1)

Quicksilver Inv entries
17th Quicksilver Inv info (Apr 1)

Stanford Inv - 1906-1914
Stanford Inv - Meet Records
Stanford Inv (Mar 31 & Apr 1)

Lynbrook Invite (Mar 25)

FireBird Relays Meet Programnew(2)ani.gif (8626 bytes)
FireBird Relays medal distribution
FireBird Relays (Mar 25)

Christopher Garlic Classic (Mar 18)

St Francis Inv entries
St Francis Inv webpage
St Francis Inv (Mar 18)

Willow Glen entries
Willow Glen Invite (Mar 11)
Willow Glen Invite website

Wildcat Relays (Mar 11) CANCELLED

Hillsdale Fighting Knights Relays entries
2nd Hillsdale Fighting Knights Relays info (Mar 11)

RustBuster Heat/Lane Assignments
Athlete ID #s
Rustbuster Meet & Stadium Records
7th RustBuster Invite (Mar 4)

K-Bell Invitational (Mar 4)

Watsonville Winter Time Trials (Feb 25)

Jim Linthecum JC Invite (heat & lanes)
Jim Linthecum JC Invite (Feb 10&11)

Independence AC (Jan 21&28)

Los Gatos AC (Jan 21) / '81 marks

2022 XC: Still looking for 2022 XC results?

================ ARTICLES & MISC =================

Here's a list of "Sayings" from the 1960's.

In 1970 it went to court on whether athletes with Long Hair should be allowed to compete or not.

Let's go back a few years ($3 race entry fee) to the Water Temple run.

Two different ways to train distance runners from two of the greats - Nurmi & Tabori.

And just like that - the CCS 1500 record was broken again, actually an en-route mark was found, by Scotts Valley Jeremy Kain (2022-Arcadia) All-Time CCS with a 3:52.04 time.

Daniel Sikiric's (Leland '96) All-Time CCS record in the 1500 (3:54.78), run at the West Valley Relays, was broken by Justin Pretre (Menlo) with a 3:54.37 win at the California Winter Championships.

Take a look at the all time sprint marks (100/200) for Texas HS.

Back in the day (1960's) when the Invite's Head Timer, Snort Winstead, would smoke a pipe at the finish line.

Just under 24 minutes this is a great video on "Numero Uno" (Peter Snell) who some believe was the greatest middle distance runner of all time - watch the video to understand why. Amazing.

Way back in the day (1964-1965) when the Redwood City Tribune selected Athlete Of The Week, would do a "caricature" of said Athlete and then hang in the newspaper's office for a season - pretty cool.

SCVAL Pre-season Track Meeting: is Monday, January 23rd at 4:00pm at Santa Clara Admin building (same as usual). If you have anything you would like to put on the agenda, please email Julie by Friday, January 20.

The Story of A Boy, A Rope, and A Truth. Year unknown but found in a folder with items dated 1972.

2023 SCVAL Hardship Standards and Hardship Form.

1962 SPAL Finals @ Angell Field, Stanford. The "B's" 75 dash followed by the Varsity Boys 100.

Emil Zatopek does something in the 1952 Olympics that no one had ever done or has since done. Check out this amazing feat (9 min video) from the Helsinki Games.

Addtions to the All-Time CCS Top 100 list, from 2022, can be found here.

===== RESULTS =====

Dublin Distance Festival

St Francis Invite - Pictures

Garlic Classic

   BVAL Results:
Andrew Hill @ Independence
Willow Glen @ Pioneer

   SCVAL Results:
Mt View & Fremont @ Saratoga
Wilcox @ SC w/MacDonald
Paly @ Milpitas

Milpitas @ Gunn
Los Gatos @ Palo Alto - Pics
Milpitas @ Homestead
Gunn @ Los Altos

Santa Clara @ Cupertino
Mt View @ Monta Vista
Homestead @ Palo Alto - Pics
   end of SCVAL Results:

Hillsdale Fighting Knights Relays

Willow Glen Invite

RustBuster Inv - Pics#1 - Pics#2 - Pics #3

K-Bell Invitational

Watsonville Time Trials

Berkeley All-Comer #2
Berkeley All-Comer #1

Monta Vista 400 Shootout
Lynbrook Time Trial

Jim Linthicum Invite (JC)

California Winter Championships

Los Gatos All-Comer

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 : Coaches :

Bernie Ramos - Head Coach (408) 836-7669

Luca Signore - Distance Coach

XC & Track Web-Master: Hank Lawson

cell: (408) 460-6785
Past & Current Coaches/Alumni

Hank (Radar Timing Services) is timing events in this color
Todd Bystrom (Mt View HS) FastTimes is timing events in this color
Curtis Liang () is timing events in this color
Other Timers:
Mark McConnell (Soquel HS)
Sean Laughlin (Record Timing)
Aliya Dibrell (Adkins Trak West)
Aaron Ford (Ford Timing)
Shannon Sos (Diablo Timing)
Bernard Stephens
Ral Powers Ralph Powers Timing
Huy Nguyen (Lincoln HS & TFMeets)
Brad Lindemann (Bellarmine HS & FastTimes Timing)
Liz Guy (Saratoga HS), only TRACK meets - Lynx timing only
Mitch Taylor (BVAL)
Ken Grace High Speed Timing
John Morris (Westmont)
Wilson Morales Finish Line Time - Tiempo de llagada
Thad Moren Icarus Timing