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Last Season (2022 XC)

Grant Morgenfeld (Paly), Eli Fitchen-Young (Santa Cruz), Alijah Murillo (Branham), Arnav Agrawal (Milpitas)
Tatum Olesen (M-A), Evie Marheineke (Mitty), Amaya Bharadwaj (Paly), Nora Carino (Evergreen Vly)
All-CCS Team: Eli Fitchen-Young (Santa Cruz) & Tatum Olesen (M-A) CCS Runners Of The Year.

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CCS Rankings will be posted on Sept 25, Oct 09, Oct 23 & Nov 6. We will be doing something new this year using XCStats for the rankings.

================ MEET INFORMATION =================

CCS PIB (11/11) - Prediction - Personnel

PAL Finals (11/04)
WBAL Finals (11/03)
PSAL Finals (11/02)
WCAL Finals (11/01)
SCVAL Finals (10/31)
BVAL Finals (10/30)

SCVAL#1 (Baylands-09/19)
SCVAL#2 (Crystal-10/03)
SCVAL#3 (Baylands-10/18)

WVAL-MS#1 (Rolling Hills,1.39mi-09/06)
WVAL-MS#2 (JDM,1.55mi-09/13)
WVAL-MS#4 (CTE,1.47-09/27)
WVAL-MS#5 (EDS,1.5mi-10/04)


Lynbrook Invite/FUHSD Champs (10/26): Records/Map/Description

Palo Alto City Meet (10/24)

Pacific Grove Invite (10/07)

Crystal Springs Invite (10/07)

Artichoke Invite (10/07)

RAM Invite (09/30) - Course Map

Hillsdale Knight Joust (09/16) - Entries - Boxes

Monterey Bay Invite (09/16)

Lynbrook Center Meet (09/12): Records/Map1/Map2

Lowell Invite (09/09)

Jackie Henderson Invite (09/09) Preview

FireBird Invite (09/07)

Los Gatos All-Comer Meets

Santa Cruz All-Comer Meets - Sign Up

2023 Track: Still looking for 2023 Track results.

================ ARTICLES & MISC =================

Couple of pics from Years Gone By; 1978 SPAL Finals with John Hoch (M-A) & Kevin O'Connor (Carlmont) just past the mile - Kevin wins, and 1988 JC NorCal Finals with the Foothill girls.

CCS Finals: Tatum Olesen (M-A) with dad Marc wins the D1-VG race while Coach Pompei (St Francis) starts them early. Pictures (D1 & D2).CCS Meet Records, by Division, at Crystal Springs (thanks Peter Jensen).

SCVAL Post-season meeting: Nov 14th, 6:30 pm at Saratoga HS Room 004 (by Library). Send any agenda items, by Nov 12th, to Steph MacKenzie. Meeting handouts ARE HERE.

Did anyone loose a silver Dolphin Ring at Crystal Springs during League Finals week (Oct 30-Nov 4)? If so, send me an email to HANKLAWTRACK@GMAIL.COM.

Back in the 60's when schools held Dual Meets, this was a standard crowd size to watch an XC meet.

Girls start of PAL #3 at Bedwell Park and "Getaway Hill" descent for the guys.

Our Lynbrook Invite winners, Adarsh Iyer (Lynbrook) and Ella He (Cupertino).

A beautiful day to race at Baylands. Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls. Low 80's, slight breeze and some great racing. Meet pictures.

The year is 1966 and these runners were on the first team of All NorCal (one is even a Lynbrook Viking).

The Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls of SCVAL get their first look of Crystal Springs for the year.

"Sequoia Bans Off Campus Running" - It's happened before more recently for individual schools, usually due to a fatal accident, and 40 years ago it happened to an entire School District.

Athletes that ran XC races in the 60's, 70's & 80's... do you remember having to race across one of these during an XC race?

It doesn't get much closer than this at the SCVAL #1 Cluster Meet. Morgenfeld (Paly) beats Stephanopoulos (LG) by .1 second at the line while Czajkowska (Paly) beats teammate Bharadwaj by a comfortable 2 second margin.

For those that ran the Hillsdale Joust on Saturday and took a bus to the meet you walked right by this Crystal Springs start line. The year is 1966 and the "original" Crystal Springs course started at the St James entrance. You can see the original power poles on the right hand side of the picture. There were no houses and no roads yet. You parked on Hallmark at the "Water Dog Trail Head" and hiked 150 meters up to the start. Race started at the first power pole and this is about 40 meters into the start of the race. You headed up towards the current start, took a hard right, went thru the current finish line and down the hill towards 280.

Palo Alto starts off strong at the Lowell Invite finishing 2nd (behind Los Altos) in the Varsity Boys #1 race. SCVAL Cluster meets are bound to be exciting.

Ahh yes, the smell of XC racing is in the air. At the Monta Vista Time Trial, in Stevens Creek Park, an All-Time Top 20 time for the win (Tanay Parikh, 15:20 and Miranda Hsu, 18:50).

Crystal Springs "clean-up day" happened on Aug 12th. Bellarmine, Serra, Aragon, CCS folks and many others came out to help prepare the course.

SCVAL Pre-season meeting: Aug 17th, 5:30 pm at Saratoga HS Team Room (by pool). Send any agenda items, by August 15th, to Paul Armstrong. Meeting handouts ARE HERE.

Every year the CCS At-Large times are computed, here are the spreadsheets that do the computations: Team At-Large / Individual At-Large / Course Conversion (ex. Pinto Lake)

Crystal Springs Schedule (Official, as of 08/10): The Crystal Springs Handbook. The Crystal Springs MEET DIRECTOR Handbook (thanks to Kirk Flatow).

Addtions to the All-Time CCS Top 100 list can be found here.

"Track & Field Runs In the Family Of Area Teen" - Hannah Slover (Los Gatos) and her dad Scott get some coverage in the Mercury News about being the only Father/Daughter State Champions in the CCS.

===== RESULTS =====

FootLocker Nationals

Nike Team Nationals

FootLocker West

State Finals (Entries / RESULTS)

SS Finals
NCS Finals
LA Finals
Oakland Finals
SF Finals
CS Finals
SDS Finals
CCS Finals / Team Pics / Pics(D1&D2).
SJS Finals
NS Finals

   LEAGUE.FINALS(CCS Prediction)
PCAL Finals
BVAL Finals
SCVAL Finals -
WCAL Finals
PSAL Finals
SCCAL Finals
WBAL Finals
PAL Finals

FUHSD/Lynbrook Inv

PAL#3 (Bedwell)
PAL#2 (Crystal)

Palo Alto City Meet

Mt SAC Invite

SCVAL#3 (Baylands) - Meet Pictures
SCVAL#2 (Crystal) - Pictures
SCVAL#1 (Baylands) -

WCAL#2 (Baylands)

County Finals (MS) (Not Run) -
WVAL#1@Rolling Hills
ADAL (Crystal-10/25)
ADAL (Crystal-10/12)

SJMSAL (Finals)

Pacific Grove Invite

Clovis Invitational (use IE)

Artichoke Invitational

Serra Invite

WBAL#1 (Crystal)

RAM Invite

Hillsdale Knight Joust

Lynbrook Center Meet

Jackie Henderson Invite - Write-up

Lowell Invite - Pictures

Firebird Inv

Serra Jamboree

Gunn Center Meet

Monte Vista Christian Invite

Monta Vista Watermelon Run

Los Gatos All-Comer (7/14)
Los Gatos All-Comer (6/30)
Los Gatos All-Comer (6/16)

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