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2004 XC

Lynbrook Vikings - 62 strong in 2005 and HAVING FUN.
CCS   Rankings (11/16)                 State Rankings (11/23)      SECTION RANKINGS (10/03)
NCS   Rankings (BOYS / GIRLS) (10/24)  National Rankings (11/22 & 12/21)
SJS   Rankings (BOYS / GIRLS) (11/10)

CCS Time Comparisons (11/28) - Top Crystal Times (11/14) - CCS At-Large Times
Nor-Cal Runners to Watch (12/04)

Track Time: Make the Move - XC is over - switch to Track.

LGAC: The Los Gatos Winter All-Comer Meets start up again the first Sat in Jan.

All-NorCal Team Members: Ben Sitler, St Francis (Runner & Senior), Brendan Gregg, Davis (Junior), German Fernandez, Riverbank (Soph), Sterling Lockkey, Petaluma (Frosh) and Alex Kosinski, Oak Ridge (Runner & Junior), Mo Huber, Acalanes (Senior), Alexi Pappas, O'Dowd (Soph), Elaine Tanski, Miramonte (Frosh)

Lynbrook's Seniors ... Then on with Track.

Loren Lansberry: Coach at Carlmont in the 60s, 70s and 80's (32 years), has passed on. It was learned he died mid-November. He had some of the best teams in the Nation back in the 70's.

Jack Welch (Redwood Christian): car accident update - it's been almost 18 months since the accident and much progress has been made - keep those prayers coming.

Vintage Media: Found a gem here. Video of Zatopek's last lap in the '52 Olympics 5000. Read Bill Squires story first (the video is in Finish) and play the Medium Resolution file (the High Res is actually of the '61 Boston Marathon). And then check out the '64 5000 final - great races. Check out the Vintage Photos as well.

Lynbrook XC/Track Alums: Another XC/Track reunion. This time on Dec 20th, 12:30 at Le Boulanger in El Paseo. Possible skating or a run afterwards.

All-CCS XC Teams: SJ Mercury News has released their All-CCS teams for the fall sports and Sitler (SF) & VanAusdall (Aptos) are the boys & girls Runners Of The Year.

Qualify Section to State for '06: Gunn High coach Ernie Lee has calculated what the new At-Large numbers are to qualify from Section to State for 2006 XC.

Sitler Finishes 7th at Footlocker Nationals: Not since Laurie Chapman (Gunderson) finished in the Top 10 in 1985 has any CCS runner done so well - props to Ben.

The Christmas Song: It should be a yearly tradition - quite a laugh (if you're an animal rights activist you might want to just skip this song).

All-CCS Sports Team: Will be coming out in the Mercury News on Dec 16th and the XC teams will be posted here on that same day.

Xmas Light Show: at Christmas time some people have WAY too much free time on their hands but it's a fun 3:20 video of what you can do with a house.

Crystal Springs Statistics: more stats for you stats junkies out there... there were 38 girls that ran under 19:00 at Crystal this year - the previous high was 16. There were 12 new Girls Team entries this year on the All-Time list, previous high was 8.

Double Duty: he runs the State XC Finals in the morning and then plays a CCS Prelims Football game that night.

SJMN Athlete of the Week: Mohamed Abdalla (Willow Glen) grabs the honor for the week.

CCS Vs State Analysis: check out the analysis Walt VanZant (Wilcox) did for CCS runners that went to States. It's generally accepted that the Woodward course runs 20 (boys) & 30 (girls) seconds slower than Crystal.

1956 State Finalists: The State Organizing Committee wants you! At this years 2006 State T & F Meet in Cerritos, they are honoring all finalists from the 1956 State Meet and all Champions they would like to be part of the Opening Ceremonies. Click on the link to the left to learn more.

Funny Cats: want another laugh? Click on the link to the left for a 1:40 chuckle. Another laugh along the same lines can be found at BOO.

CCS Best Returning Track Marks: OK - I let a little bit of Track slip in to the XC side, but it was sent to me by Steve Nelson (MP) so how could I resist...

Coed Team Scoring at States: for fun... what if you scored States as 3 guys and 2 gals? Or more PC, 3 guys & 3 gals - who would be the fastest in the State? Click on link to the left to find out. SJ Mercury article on State Meet.

Course Time Analysis: ever wonder what the difference was between the course you ran at Leagues and the course you ran at CCS? Take a look at what Walt VanZant came up with for the 2005 season.

Saratoga News: covers local runners that competed at CCS Finals.

Lynbrook XC Alums: There is going to be a Lynbrook XC Reunion this Friday (11/25) at 1:00 PM at Chipotle, come drop by and see who shows.

CCS League Reps: The All-CCS Team selection will be done at the CCS office at 4:00 on Wed (11/30). Please contact Walt Van Zant if you plan on attending so he can send you more details.

SCVAL Coaches: We will hold our post-season coaches meeting on Monday, 11/28/05 at 4PM in the faculty lounge at Wilcox high school.

Lynbrook Slide Show: A real nice 12:30 minute slide show by Jon Tsai that catches the Vikes 2005 XC Season - thanks Jonathan.

USATF XC Nationals: held in Rochester, NY has local Asics Aggies taking 2nd behind Hansons-Brooks Distance Project. Aggies Seniors (50+) also finish 4th with yours truly (Hank Lawson) as 4th man.

Jennifer Bergmann (VC): is SJ Merc Athlete of the Week.

Running Prolongs Your Life: well "duh"! But now an actual study was done that proves walking/jogging 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, adds 3.7 years to your life.

Lynbrook Mile Time Trials: Sorry guys that it took me so long to get this typed and posted.

CBEDs: For 2006 Cross-Country are posted at the link on the left.

CCS Finals: Vikings finish 9th out of 14th (D2) and 28th out of 64 (combined). Mayc Huang is top finisher at 17th.

Adults Hurting Youth Sports: article from the SJ Merc talking about Youth Sports - interesting read.

Kevin Schneider (Fremont): grabs some print from the Mercury News.

Lynbrook ALUMNI Track Meet: attention Lynbrook Alumni - seems that Luis Jensen (class of '05) wants to challenge the Lynbrook Varsity to an Alumni track meet sometime in Feb '06. For more information, contact Luis at email provided (left link) or at his cell (408) 828-4653.

Saratoga News: covers the Lynbrook Invite with press coverage also including the Middle School races - way to go Saratoga News.

DAL Finals: Lady Vikes all run superb and qualify (Team At-Large time) to CCS. Illness hurts the Varsity Boys, season is over.

XC Graduation Run: Congrats Lynbrook for a great season. You ate your diploma today and now here's a little gift - be prepared for the unknown and always laugh at the unexpected (click link on the left).

Monta Vista Girls: Trying for their first CCS XC title preview their stuff at todays Lynbrook Invite.

Ben Sitler: of St Francis grabs this weeks San Jose Merc Athlete of the Week.

Amber Kaufman: HJer & Spiker Amber Kaufman of Branham comes to the fore.

Marathoner Peter Gilmore: Nice coverage on local marathoner who once attended Cal.

Rallye Run: Saw the team of Shruti Waghray, Justin Shaw, Bob Wang, Bernice Lee & Michael Liu win the 12th Annual with a score of 21 (out of 30) - GO SENIORS!

Crystal Springs #2: Frosh boys win again and are now the fastest Frosh team at Lynbrook since 1979 - a #8 performance in the school's 40 year history.

State TRACK Finals: Per Roger Blake (CIF office) the State Track finals will be held at Cerritos for 2006.

CPR Class: FUHSD Coaches: Do you need your CPR or First Aid class? Schedule for Winter is linked on the left.

Crystal Springs #1: Frosh boys win and are the fastest Frosh team at Lynbrook since 1994.

Los Gatos Guys & Gals: are featured in the Mercury News this morning.

Mercury News Athlete of the Week: Taylor Johnson (SLV) gets the honor for Cross-Country.

Saratoga Scrimmage: Lots of great running on this flat, fast, 2.0 mile course. Huang wins the Varsity Girls with a great last 800 drive. JV Boys get 4 in the Top 10 (Kwan, Chan, Vashisht & Chao) and take 2nd overall. Shruti scores a 5th overall in the JV Girls.

Lynbrook Invite - MIDDLE SCHOOL DIVISION: Coaches: I am looking for an additional 4 or 5 MIDDLE SCHOOLS to participate at this year's Lynbrook Invite on Oct 27th. I have four signed up and have room for more. If you are at all interested, email me at HANKLAW@IX.NETCOM.COM. There is a single Boys race and a single Girls race.

Artichoke Invite: Hardware in all races except JV Boys - love that Cougar Hill.

Central Park Invite: MayC grabs an overall 2nd while the VG team takes 6th. Gene also takes 2nd in the FSB and the team also takes 6th. JV Boys take 6th (is there a pattern?) with JVG 7th and VB 9th.

Mercury News and Cross-Country: Katy Daly (St Ignatius) gets some coverage for being one of the top new freshman in the Section.

Mercury News Athlete of the Week: Matthew Petrillo (Los Gatos).

MaxGames: if there are any 'gamers' out there, you might be interested in what The Tech is offering on Oct 8th.

Scavenger Hunt: The team of Christina, Shruti, MayC, Yvonne, Shirley & Bernice score a one point win (28-27) over Jonathan, Hotung, Vincent, Eric, Craig, Kevin & Phillip.

Saratoga News: covers the Firebird Invite with print for both Saratoga and Lynbrook XC teams.

CIF Advisory Meeting Minutes (Official): The link points to the 'Official' minutes for the meeting (the ones below were from representative Roberta Chisam).

More on Jewelery...: The included link explains what CCS office considers acceptable and un-acceptable in terms of jewelery.

Crystal Springs Center Meet Info: Click here to see how you enter any of the 3 Center Meets held at Crystal Springs.

Mind Games & Hills: Mercury News does a nice article on hills within Cross-Country.

Mercury News Athlete of the Week: Amanda Boyd (San Benito) is the first XC runner of the 2005 season to earn this award.

Mitty XC Statistics: This is something that a parent from Mitty is doing for their XC team. He's looking for input and feedback, and if your school is interested in something like this - check it out.

CIF Advisory Meeting Minutes: The big story is that Hair Ribbons are OK for XC!

Firebird Invite: Unofficially, JV Boys take 2nd, JV Girls grab 3rd, F/S Boys get 4th, VB finish 5th and VG take 6th. AND the team puts away 13 LARGE pizzas afterwards - great job.

New Stanford XC Coach: Stanford gets a new men's & women's XC coach.

Lynbrook Center Meet: Lynbrook's season starts off under 'blustery' conditions. JVG take 3rd led by Anna Sadovnikova's 6th place finish. Gene Burinskiy wins the F/S race with a classic kick. JVB take 4th with VB & VG squads finishing 5th & 7th.

Jewelry Rule: As XC gets ready to start racing, coaches and athletes alike have to be aware of the Jewelry Rule.

300/500 Mile Club: We had 5 folks hit the 300 Mile Club this summer and one manage the 500 Mile Club (although Jason did have to run over 100 miles in his last 7 days to reach that mark).

CCS XC Meeting: League Reps - The CCS Pre-Season meeting will be held at the NEW CCS office on Aug 31st at 7:00pm.

HJ Clinic: During the XC season...? This weekend, so you HJ'ers might be interested in this.

SCVAL XC Meeting: The SCVAL Pre-Season meeting will be Tue, Sept 6th, at Wilcox HS at 5:00PM.

Gregg Tafralis: Since steroids is going to be a required course for coaches this year - here is a dads take on them.

In Praise Of the Good Coach - 1999: A unique article by Olympic Maratoner (4th in '76) Don Kardong. Marshall Clark was his coach while at Stanford.

LG All Comer: Weekly RESULTS (08-11) from the All Comer meets (thru 8-11), starting July 7th thru Aug 11th. Diablo Valley AC Meets, starting July 5th for 5 weeks.

World Championships - updates: Mark Foyer (Half Moon Bay Review) is sending me updates on the World Championships. Check it out through the eyes of a Journalist. Thru Day 7, 8 & 9.

Coaching HS XC and/or Track...: What happens when you decide you might like to give coaching a try? Where do you begin? How do you begin? This question was posed to the Track Club I'm associated with (Aggies) where we have lots of HS coaches and here are some of their responses - I'll keep posting as I get more. (3 responses).

Carmel All-Comers Track Meet #2: The first one went so well, they're having a second one on Aug 20th.

Update #2: Lynbrook runners - get on the roads so you can get in shape.

CCS Athletic Alumni: CCS Office did some major research here. Athletes that continued on after HS to be successfull in sports. But the section I found most interesting is at the end... CCS athletes that went on to do something outside of sports.

Carmel All-Comers Track Meet: July 30th at 12:00 at Carmel HS, their 1st Inaugural All Comer meet.

CCS Track Qualifying change...: I know it's XC time but thought you all might want to see this - it will be voted at the Oct 20, 2005 BOM meeting but it sounds like a good idea to me. The proposal is to take the 3 year average of the 8th place mark from CCS Finals and make that the At-Large standard of getting from Leagues to the CCS Trials. This way you know in advance what mark you have to hit at your League Finals. It also allows the possibility of more people qualifying for CCS in what might be a loaded year for a particular event.

CCS Top 100 : CCS All Time Marks have been updated from 2005 Track season - check it out.

USCAA Corporate Nationals: Here's a chance for YOU (the athlete) to watch your COACH compete. See if they practice what they preach. The 2005 Nationals is July 23rd & 24th at California HS in San Ramon. SCVAL coaches are from C'tino, Fremont, Gunn, Homestead, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Lynbrook, Mt View, Santa Clara, Wilcox and run distances from 100 to 1 mile.

Saratoga News: Saratoga HS XC runners have a unique fundraiser while keeping everyone hydrated.

USATF Nationals: A great Screen Saver, just drop into your WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 directory (XP) and it becomes a screen saver option.

Men's 100M WR: Set in Athens by Asafa Powell (Jamaica) - check out the video.

Pre-Season Checklist: Lynbrook XC Runners - if you're coming out for the team, print off the checklist and take care of business BEFORE school starts.

Update #1: So what's happening with Lynbrook XC? Check it out.

300/500 Mile Club: You can start anytime between now and June 30th. The "Hank Lawson XC Club" will meet on Mon & Wed at 5:30 at Lynbrook HS (by the pool) starting on June 20th to run anywhere from 4-7 miles. I will be there starting on July 6th (run on your own on the 4th).

2005 Track: Still looking for 2005 Track results (GWI, NON,...).

Olivia's Miles: 5K and 1 Mile race results. Great turnout (close to 400) for a 1st year event.

Santa Teresa XC Boot Camp: Can you Survive? Starts July 1st, check it out.

Tri County Running Club: Serving the Southern end of CCS - starts June 20th in Gilroy.

Crystal Springs Schedule: Coaches/Meet Directors - New information on the Crystal Springs schedule, Newsletter and invoicing - please check it out.

CPR Class: FUHSD Coaches: Do you need your CPR or First Aid class? Schedule is linked on the left.

Open Space Application: Coaches: If you plan on running your teams at either Rancho San Antonio or Fremont Older, beware. You need to have a permit or you may be cited. Print off attached application and FAX in - there is NO COST for the permit.

CCS/CIF School Abbrv's: The folks at the CIF office have established School Abbreviations that will be used at this year's State XC & Track Meets. At a Section level, we will be using the same list. Please review the list so you are familiar with your schools code - it may have changed from the past. These codes will also be used at the Crystal Springs Center Meets so you will need to know them.

Lynbrook XC : We start on June (TBD) at 5:30pm and will run every M/W throughout the summer meeting at Lynbrook. Anyone is welcome to come run with us. The OFFICIAL start date for XC is Aug xx (Mon at 9:00 AM) at the Field House.

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